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We are human, and we are weird. Well, at least, I think we’re weird. We tend to find excuse to celebrate. Like Xmas, New Year, Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries. We find so many excuse to celebrate things that I sometimes suspect that we’re just looking for an excuse to have fun and to get together with our loved ones without our conscience hunting us down for constantly wanting to have fun.

Let’s just admit it. We just want to have the feel good feeling always. We want to be happy and free of worries, and yet, we couldn’t do that, as in reality, our life is full of problems, and we’re always required to be competitive in order to survive in the world that’s full of hypocrites and back stabbers. We always need to be on the go, and have to be ready for whatever challenge that will be impeding us from advancing.

But, we’re human nevertheless. We need rest. We need love, and we definitely need our family. So that must have explain why we celebrate things. That is understandable, as we need to unwind every now and then, but there’s one thing I just don’t understand. Which is, why do we make resolution only on new years, and not all year round, the way we celebrate certain occasion or festivals? Isn’t this weird? We’re constantly looking for excuse to unwind, but why are we not motivated for the whole year through? Why do we only make resolutions on new years?

We make resolutions on new years, only to find by the end of the year, that there are some part of the resolutions that we made earlier on was unable to be realized. And whether the yesteryears resolution are achieved or not, we still make new resolution when the clock strike 12 on new year’s eve.

Personally, I think making resolutions during the new years is just a trend, something that everyone do, just for the heck of it. To me, ‘real’ resolution should be made everyday, when we woke up first thing in the morning where it should motivate you to live life to the fullest and make differences to the people around you and the world in your own small ways. To me, there’s no point in making a new year’s resolution if you do it just because others are doing it.

So when a friend of mine asked me what’s my new year resolution, I told her that I have none. And my friend was completely aghast when I told her that. She was asking me why I have no resolution at all, because it’s new year, and everyone is supposed to have one. My answer to her was, it’s because I don’t need a new year resolution as I’ve been making resolution every day, whole year through every morning when I woke up. I set my own little goals that I want to achieve on that day, and as corny as it sound, my little morning resolution always sounds the same, which is to live like there’s no tomorrow, and do more than what I did yesterday. I do this everyday so that I stay motivated and inspired every day, and not just for one day, which is at the beginning of the year.

Maybe my morning resolution is not as big as everyone else. Perhaps others are making resolution on being a better person or even change the world so that it will be better place to live in, but, for me, I prefer to stay inspired and motivated everyday instead of just being flared up on new year.

Cleffairy: If you want turn a new leaf and write a new chapter in your life, don’t just wait for the new years to vow to yourself to do it. It can be done anytime throughout the year. Life itself is a celebration, so celebrate being alive everday, people.


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    Hey fairy, happy new year to you and hubby. You are quite a night bird over the new year ya? hehe.

    Missing these few days as am moving job. at the new place and waiting to be picked up into the office.

    I believe improvements are part of our calling in the concept of sanctification. So, not just areas that are important to us , but to God’s standard as well ( fruit of the spirit). Let us be fellow encouragers in this journey.

  2. Tera says:

    Happy New Year though I am a day late. Been nursing hang over!!! Lol.

    I totally agree with you there about making new year resolutions, we seriously shouldn’t wait till new year to make some, by then it’ll be over procastinated d. Like you I make my resolutions as I go. Seize the day, no regrets and living life that is fulfilling to the soul!

    However, if there is something that I can wish for, I will wish for a smooth sailing year for everyone that has worked so hard. So all the best to you and your family in this 2009.

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