Oh yeah, let’s partayyyy, sex partayyy, baby!


I’ve been rather quiet and rant less these days, haven’t I, dear readers? I’m guilty of just putting facts and histories of Xmas. Well, that’s because I’m feeling a little melancholic about ushering the new year. New year never makes me feel down as I would reflect on what I manage or failed to achieve in the yesteryears. So, here I’d like to extend my sincerest apology for making all of you put up with my history lessons.

Year 2008 have been personally historic and very interesting for me, not to mention rather eye opening, with things that went on in Malaysia whole year through. I felt like it was only yesterday that I watched fireworks flicker in the night sky of 2008 with my other half at the balcony of our home. And I definitely felt like it was only yesterday I made friends with all of you. Time flies, pretty fast don’t they? In less than one day, we’ll be ushering the new year.

I felt that I was dreaming whole year through, and while I having my usual cuppa tea and day dreaming this morning, a blasted sms provoked my thoughts and brought me back into the realm of reality. It was a very provocative and suggestive sms, and I was completely dumbfounded that it was sent to me. The sms was written in Malaysian language, and it sounded like this:

Raikan mlm thn br ini dgn parti pch dara . Rm300 shj1 org.Parti panas! awek2 gebu &dara yg ingin 3+1 menanti anda. anda gadis?sertai kami,gerenti puas dan mahu lg. umur 17keatas shj.kondom disediakan.hubungi talian tertera utk mluman ljt.

For those who could not understand Malay language, allow me to translate the sms for you, though I could not guarantee the accuracy of the translation that I have done. Translation was never my strong subject, especially when it’s Malay to English. I always thought my translations are rather word for word or sounds pretty weird. Anyway, more or less, the sms should sound like this in English:

Celebrate the new year’s eve with popping the cherry party. Rm300 per person. Hot party! Virgin girls who wants 3+1 is waiting for you. You’re a lady? Join us, satisfaction guaranteed and you’ll be asking for more. 17 years and above only. Condoms will be prepared, contact the number on your screen for further information.

I almost choke on my tea when I read the sms that was sent to me by chance. I had initially thought that the authorities and media have been sensationalizing the rumours about the new year’s eve sex party that will be held in an undisclosed location, but apparently, the authorities and the media for once are right over their concern over the sex party issue. The organizer will be organizing a sex party on new year’s eve. What’s worst, it’s for barely legal teenagers who could not wait to loose their virginity and chastity.


It took me for a while to compute and comprehend what the sms was trying to send across to the targeted readers. My Malay language can only be considered mediocre. I can understand Malay language that’s written in proper sentence structuring and language, but broken language such as this one took me awhile to understand. After awhile, I’ve come to an understanding that:

1. There will be a sex party, or rather, loosing virginity party/ceremony on new year’s eve. The location were not disclosed, however.

2. The party would cost Rm300 per person. In my humble opinion, this is disgustingly expensive! Rm300 just for a wild night? How many hours will the party last anyway? Where will it be held? A posh hotel? A motel? Beach? Or in a private residence?

3. There are virgin girls who wants 3+1. Wait a minute, what is 3+1? Is the sender trying to say that there are virgin girls who are wanting threesome on this coming new year’s eve party? But then again, in the sms, 3+1 was written. I’m bad in maths, but 3+1 would equal to 4, isn’t it? That wouldn’t be a threesome, but a foursome, isn’t it? Three men having sex simultaneously with one lady. Correct me if I’m wrong, my dear readers, I’ve been failing in maths ever since I was in high school. Yes, people, yours truly failed Maths constantly when she was still a student. Mathematics was never my strong point, so, correct me about the 3+1=4 if I’m wrong. What the hell, have I been reading an invitation to an orgy party where people will be indulging in nothing but sex openly? Am I being very closed minded or thinking that there are virgin girls out there who can’t wait to spread their legs for a few men to shove their penis in not only one but three of their holes is rather mind boggling?

4. It was mentioned in the sms that ladies are welcome to the new year’s eve party, and satisfaction is guaranteed. I really wonder, what kind of satisfaction is guaranteed? How could you guarantee a sexual satisfaction to a lady when all the men who goes there are probably horny men who wants cheap sex and would probably won’t even bother having a foreplay, what’s more giving an earth shattering orgasm and a wonderful time to his partner(s). This will be purely feral sexual indulgence on the men’s part. So how the hell do you guarantee such a bloody thing? This is obviously a screwed up motion and persuasion to lure foolish girls to give up their virginity! As far as I am concern, loosing virginity would initially mean having penetrative sex for the first time. And having penetrative sex for the first time for most girls does not mean extreme enjoyment in the activities, as it would be uncomfortable to welcome a penis intrusion in the vagina, and when the hymen breaks, the girl in question would definitely feel pain. Yes, idiots, loosing virginity is painful, no matter how experience your partner is and no matter how prepared and properly lubricated you are. So, young girls out there, I have a question for you if you’re planning to attend such party. How do you propose enjoying intrusion of a few stranger’s penis in your vagina, your asshole and your bloody mouth at the same time? I doubt there will be satisfaction. Or will there be drugs in order to make women high and aroused? This is more like a gangbang rape that you participated willingly. I have no doubts that when you participate in a sex party like this, there would definitely be camcorders that will be recording down the sexually historic event. What is the consequences of having your sexual antics being recorded visually? I suppose such recording will be used for blackmail purposes and sometimes, would be uploaded online on porn sites. Do you actually anticipate such a thing to happen?

5. This party is for 17 years olds and above. This line concern me. I thought 17 years old is still considered a minor in Malaysia? Wait a minute! 17 years old is considered a minor everywhere around the world. 18 is the standard legal age where you can decide for yourself on what you want to do without the authorities questioning your decision. Does this mean that this party is also for minors? Minors involve in such party, no matter they participated willingly or not would be considered statutory rape, is it not?

While I am quite aware that there are private sex parties held all around the world on new year’s eve, I never thought the advertisement/invitation to sex party such as this one is being circulated so indiscreetly. What’s more in Malaysia. I would understand if it’s in the states or other countries where wild sex parties similar to this one is considered normal or even a tradition. But this is Malaysia. What the hell is going on in Malaysia these days? Or rather, what the hell is going on with teenagers in Malaysia these days? In my humble opinion, sex parties such as this one is organized because there are probably demands from certain group of people, and the group of people are probably teenagers and young adults.

And seeing that the sms was not written in English but in Malay, I think I can safely assume that the sms in question is targeted at a Malay reader, and being a Malay in Malaysia would automatically mean that one would have to be a Muslim. Well, even if the person does not practice Islamic values, but it’ll be written in his Mykad that his/her religion is Islam, and so, I had originally thought that these people would at least honour their religion and not indulge in such things. What’s more, Islam completely prohibited such pre-marital sexual indulgence. And it never come across my mind that there are Muslims who would indulge themselves in an orgy celebration freely until I read the sms. The lesser Muslim who indulge in such a thing is tainting the image of Islam. This is such a shame.

I’m aware that there are a bloke or two who are usually mat/minah rempit who indulge in pre-marital sex. Well, sex between couples is kind of normal, I suppose. All race are doing that, not just the Malays. But thinking that there are loads of teenagers out there who will be ‘enjoying’ orgies in a new year party is a little too much for me. I’ve come to a conclusion that either I must be a person living in the past where there are no such parties being organized freely, or Malaysians are becoming more and more liberated in a very negative way. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, before I end my ramblings I have a few message for you.

Involving in such sex parties where most would probably have unprotected sex with a few different people at the same time would be like having sex with a scorpion or a tarantula. It would be poisonous.


There’s no cure for such poison. So please don’t be involve in such parties. Protect yourself.


Stop AIDS from spreading. Do your part and don’t indulge in casual sex. Don’t let AIDS take over the world.


Cleffairy: I wonder how many ‘legal’ parties turned sex parties? From what’s being circulated in blogsphere, I heard there are plenty. Who can guarantee that the party goers would be practicing safe sex? They probably won’t bother using any condoms or even take contraceptives for all I care. With  ‘people who loves to have fun’ attending celebration parties like this, it’s not a wonder that the AIDS statistic and abortion rate are not going down.


  1. isley chang says:

    isn’t 21 years old is the legal age to have sex and below than that will be consider statutory rape even the sex is “suka sama suka”.

    what is wrong with malaysia teenagers? perhaps watch too much porn movie. root of the problems, i guese.

  2. cleffairy says:

    Isley, in Malaysia 21 years old is considered a legal age, while elsewhere is 18. But sex parties like these are illegal nevertheless. *sigh* what’s wrong with teenagers these days? I’ve been asking the same question myself. I dun tink by watching porn alone contributes to the problem, as they are many other ways kids these days get influenced to practice casual sex. (points to irresponsible bloggers as well, well, you know who I’m talking about, don’t you?) Then curiosity and lack of sex ed also contributes to it… peer pressure, etc etc. I’m still a young adult, not even in my mid twenties, but when I talk about kids these days, I feel so ancient! tell them casual sex is no good, they throw ‘then lock ur kids the tower’ speech in our face. KANASAI! When they get STD, AIDS, gets pregnant, it’ll be too late to regret already!

  3. kellaw says:

    Clef the legal age for malaysian is 16 actually. below 16 is considered as statutory rape no matter the girl consents to it or not. Yeah it’s still illegal. Sad to say some bloggers play a large part in influencing lol. Kids never listen do they? Anyway off to watch the sunset. bye

  4. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] says:

    Those person who sent, organized etc. those parties (it won’t be only one), should go to the hell. I know it’s quite rough to wrote like that, but those fellas deserved that.

    I wrote as a Muslim and as a human being as well. Although people dont bother about virginity (some people), but as we see from morality aspects, those who want to do it (or had did it), are just nuts.

    I believed that all religions asked their followers to be a good human. That kind of SMS make me pissed off after read it. Dear, lodge a police report on it (am I a bit too much?).

    Happy New year dear.
    Perhaps, whoever want to have that party tonight, won’t do it. It’s just something embarrassing. We don’t need this kind of things. Gee!

  5. Josephine says:

    What? sex party!!!

    I will be staying at home tonite, in front of my TV. ALONE!!!

    Or maybe on the phone with my DEAR, counting down with him across countries! Not a bad idea huh?
    If only he can reach home on time lah….

    Happy New Year!

  6. ShawnSharif says:

    lodge a police report. that’s the least you can do. whether they take action or not is really up to their judgement.

    i say YES TO SEX ED!

  7. arc says:

    Oh My God, what is so private if the messages are spread all over the air like that?
    Grr..no comment, just felt terrified, and mesmerized on how screwed people of these days

  8. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw, I’m not sure you’re saying 16 is a legal age for what… issit take motor license? Cuz last check a few years ago, legal age for an individual to make decision on their own is 18. Under 18 is considered a minor. I know this because in hospitals or clinics, if you want to go for a major/minor operation or surgeries but wants to keep it away from your family, you can sign the papers and keep from your family when you reach the legal age, which is 18. A couple of years ago, when I was 19, I needed to do bronchoscopy for my lungs but refused to make a huge fuss about it…(I simply hate it when my mom and dad fuss over me when I’m hospitalized) so I told the doctors, I’ll sign the papers. And they asked me if I’m 18, cuz in Malaysia, you can only decide things for yourself when you’re already at that age or over. But anyway, yeah, there are bloggers who blogs irresponsibly and what’s worst, they manage to influence the kdis to do hanky panky things. Yeah, kids these days NEVER listen. When they kena only wanna regret! Stupid, really.

    Zara, omg, dear, I missed you so much. How was your holiday? Good to know you’re back in KL safely. About the sms, actually I am very surprised…because I didn’t expect they are so daring to send out mass sms like this openly. I received a couple os spam sms, inviting me to free flow party, etc, but by far, this one I copied to my article is the worst one of all. Selamba only ask people go to a sex party. So disgusting! It’ll be orgies summore! Anyway, did you hear the rumours about there will be an underwear free aka sex party in Johor as well? It’s written in The Star newspaper too. At first I thought they’re just sensationalizing the news until I received a similar invitation as well. I wonder if this one is the same one? Actually, I wanted to report to the police, but I am to lazy to do so. Why? I’ll tell you why… two weeks ago, my house got broken in, and I went to report to lodge a report about it, and the police do nothing but say “Biasalah, sekarang ni musim cuti, sure banyak break in punya, Cik, lagipun u tak hilang apa-apa, kan? Takpelah, nanti we all ronda ur area…”… celaka, just take report and no news after that! GRRRR! Now damn lazy to lodge a report, still pissed off!

    Jo, join the club. LOL… I’ll be home on new year’s eve…not going to countdown or anything… well…maybe watch the fireworks from my balcony with my husband or something…

    , happy new year to you and your family Pete…. got go makan makan? LOL….

    … too lazy to report police… they just jot down your report, take your Rm2, then they blahs for kopi oredi. Damn malaslah! I suspect this is the same invitation to sex party as the one they put up on the news, so I guess the authorities are aware of this already. And yeah, yes to sex ed… we need to educate the ignorant kids about the danger of casual sex!

    … my lil didi! Happy new yaahhhhh! 😛 So free write comment to jie, this must be the case no credit ah? Din reply jie’s sms oso!

  9. cleffairy says:

    Arc, invitation to orgies…. what’s so private about it? *snort* Those creeps will be going nude and let ppl screw them in public… cannot tahan, really geram wan! I think they send to random numbers, since they dun even know the receiver is a man or a woman.

  10. cleffairy says:

    WTF, so young? Crazy ah? This one should be amended! I seriously thought it’s 18… since almost everything needs to be 18… buy cigg nids to be 18, operation nids to be 18, wanna go clubbing, also 18 wud… why the hell they put legal age for consensual sex at 16? Eh… are there a lot of child marriages out there that they have the necessity to put 16 as the legal age for consensual sex? kanasai, la, really! Aiks? almost 12am liao… I go outside see firework awhile… LOL…

  11. kellaw says:

    erm. one more thing. girls raping guys is not considered as rape because its not listed.

    Amend? You think that is my father’s law mea? Now the government is busy for by election already. You may want to propose.

    Ps. I am kelLAW not theLAW(pronounced as telur). lol

    read this exception also

    Exception—Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife by a marriage
    which is valid under any written law for the time being in force, or is
    recognized in Malaysia as valid, is not rape.

    means if your husband rape you, it’s not rape.

    so in order to stop your husband you need to:-

    (b) who has obtained an injunction restraining her husband from having
    sexual intercourse with her,


    have a good day Clef. Now you have a new topic to blog about

  12. isley chang says:

    1st of all, happy new year 2009!!

    2nd, walao wei…(shock) 16 years old is the legal sexual consent? got change before izzit?? cos b4 this, i heard is 21 years old and now is 5 years younger already??

    3rd, Kellaw, in what way girl can rape a guy?? is there a such case??

  13. kellaw says:

    Nope isley. It has always been 16. The act hasn’t been changed since it was enacted. In those days you see kids getting married and having kids as early as 15 years old la. Different from the time now. 21 is for you to enter a casino. 18 for drink and smoke. 17 for driving a car 16 for motor and sex.

    for your 3rd question i will write a blog on a “real life story” my friend told me. Then you will know how. as much we may want to laugh. in times it has been proven as a truth but if you are the guy, do you think you want to make yourself seen in newspaper as the guy who got raped? so most rapes would be unreported.

  14. cleffairy says:

    Zara, my dear, so you’re in Johore now? o.O

    Isley, happy new year to you. Yes, men can be rape… lol…actually, when Kellaw told me bout the age restriction, I’m also very surprised…this should be amended…nowadays, even girls who wants to be married at the age of 18 needs her father/guardian’s consent… =.= wtf…16 get married, nonid to finish SPM ah? This is child exploitation at the very best la…16, for me is too young…18-19 would be an ideal age if one wants to get married early…at least 18 above is already mature enough to think for themselves.

    Kellaw… omg, that got me laughing… telurr=the law… lmao… dammit man, it’s 3am here and I’m laughing like some freak… =.= Eh, this is an interesting topic… lol… maybe I’m gonna write sth about it… lol… since you and Isley brought it up… ahahaha… but seriously…men CAN be raped… only they used the milder term, which is ‘sexual harassment’ or ‘molest’. OMg, no shits… sure cannot sleep liao, keep on laugh…

  15. kellaw says:

    You are crazy la still awake at 3 am. actually i slept just before 3 only. Not exploitation la. The girl gatal what can the guy do?

    I know of several people who didn’t end up taking spm because they are married with kids due before the exams. SOME does get matured before 18.

    sexual harassment and molest not considered rape la Clef. Wait till i tell you the story in my blog. Should be this weekend if nothing comes up. Then you read at 3 am again. Sure your neighbour will come knocking on your door

  16. cleffairy says:

    =.= I was still reading Doraemon, Dragonball and Sailormoon at that age…though I also married young. LMAO…btw, I got insomnia… that’s why always cannot sleep. i slept earlier, but usually woke up at 3-4am den only can sleep again… =.=

  17. kellaw says:

    sorry lol. no story because i am practically tired the whole week. I am gonna continue to be tired fixing the pdf doc which I am still trying to convert to words

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