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My email inbox is always in a mess. I’m not very good at organizing it. It’s constantly overload with new emails, drafts, forwarded emails, contacts, web links, embedded images, links to items in the cloud, all kinds of attachments: documents, spreadsheets, presentations—and more often I’m not, I feel pretty much lost whenever I want to find important emails in it.

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My messy email. 🙁

🙁 I know I’m very bad at organizing and I probably should start learning how to manage my email better before any of my clients started to go banshee at me, but…but…I’m just terribly bad at organizing. There’s simply no hope for me in that department. Clearly, email management and cleaning up messy stuff is not my forte. But lucky me, a friend of mine introduced me to ccGenie Rooms.

So…what’s ccGenie Rooms? No…it’s not the wish granting Genie from Aladdin, if that’s what you’re thinking. ccGenie Rooms is an app to intelligently extract and convert the contents of your inbox into neatly organized, structured and shareable content. So,no matter what shape the email arrived in, everything gets sorted for you into convenient ccGenie Rooms. I’ve tried it, and I liked it.

Everything is automatic with ccGenie. With ccGenie, you’ll have rooms where it’s practically a workspace to store you stuff. ccGenie creates an array of content assets and groups these into your Rooms as Documents, Conversations, Notes, and People. Sounds cool, huh? Well, it’s pretty promising to me, as I’m hopeless at organizing stuff. My email is constantly in a mess.

With ccGenie, you can have a room and share your stuff with other people. But if you’re not sharing,, you just can keep it private. These Rooms are easily accessible anytime, anywhere, and works on multiple devices, and multi email clients, so no worries about ccGenie not working for the email that you’re currently using.

Basically, ccGenie helps you to organize your email and help you interact with others easily via Rooms. 😀 You might wanna check it out. I did, and I’m I’m definitely sticking to it as it helps me keep my email organized.

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