Our Little Foodie Adventure in February 2014

My husband and I are not always adventurous with food. It’s always the same thing when it comes to daily meals. But these days, though I’ve slowed down quite a bit on food reviews and foodie trips due to both mine and his packed schedule, I find it quite pleasant that our February was filled with a few surprises in regards of food.


Mee Rebus Mastan Ghani in Teluk Intan during Chinese New Year. Yups. They are opened for business during Chinese New Year.


Some simple Thai food by roadside by Kampung Baru Coldstream entrance, Perak.


Spicy Prawn Noodle at M2 Cafe & Catering with fellow Bloogersdotcom.


Home cooked Spicy King Prawn Marinara Spaghetti on our lazy Sunday. 🙂 Yours truly decided that it’s kinda worth the cholesterol once in a blue moon. Ahem.


Burger King meals; French fries, fried chicken, Whopper Jr, Coke and Hershey’s Sundae Pie at midnight in Wangsa Maju after a long day at work.


Golden Fortune Meal at Chicken Rice shop in KL Festival City on a Tuesday night before hubby goes for standby for the night.


Dessert at Big Apple Donut in KL Festival City while waiting for our favourite radio show, Carta Blogger 30 at eWana FM to be on air.


A little indulgence in our regular mamak joint in Setapak at 3am, simply because the weather is too hot for us to handle. The Ice Blended Choc is really not bad and I think I’ll probably order this regularly soon enough 🙂


Cold Soyu Soba Noodles with Onigiri Set (raw salmon onigiri and kani onigiri along with a side of fried chicken, potato salad and miso soup)  at Niko Niko PV 128, Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak.

So, okay. We eat out quite a lot due to my constant cravings and our tight schedule and one would chide us for eating out too much, but hey…it’s the time spent and effort made to have meals together that matters. Money can always be earned, but not the time that has gone by.

Cleffairy: Family that eats together stays together.


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