Finally Ending My Headache with Auto Arcade Petaling Jaya

Looking for a new car? Well, I’m certainly am considering on getting a new car. Preferably a NEW one instead of a lousy second or third hand car.

The current family car is giving my family and I sleepless nights and nightmares, and truth be told, last Chinese New Year was the worst auto nightmare for us. The car decided that it’s time to get into early retirement and goes KO in the middle of the highway while we were on the way back to Teluk Intan. It was a very unpleasant experience, and looking back,we shouldn’t have taken the moving mechanic’s service and should have just canceled the trip back to hometown. To be honest, I think we were duped into thinking that after a brief repair made on the road was good enough. But no. It wasn’t good enough and we wasted about Rm500 for nothing.

So yeah, when we get back to Kuala Lumpur after the nasty experience, the hunt for a new car begin.

Visited Auto Arcade Petaling Jaya during their Chinese New Year open house and discovered that you can get everything under one roof at Auto Arcade Petaling Jaya. Auto Arcade Petaling Jaya’s has these “on-site” banks and insurance representatives, providing seamless paperwork applications. Auto Arcade’s brand new facility and its state-of-the-art network make approvals and insurances can even be done on the same day. This brings customer service satisfaction and ease to a whole new level. In other words, they are actually saying “Choose a car and we will do the work for you!”

Auto Arcade Petaling Jaya actually consisted of nine different traders or companies under one umbrella. Traders listed below.

  • Able Automobile Sdn Bhd
  • Abadi Motor Sdn Bhd
  • A&Z Motors Enterprise
  • Hoover Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Mega Otomobil Sdn Bhd
  • Perniagaan Shirba Sdn Bhd
  • Regas Motors Sdn Bhd
  • Rejang Motor Trading Sdn Bhd
  • RK Golden Dragon Sdn Bhd

 photo DSC09270_zps6f5d557d.jpg

Had my heart on this red babe.

 photo DSC09265_zps5a47408d.jpg

But a bigger car like this would be much more practical considering my family and I will be traveling around Malaysia alot this year in conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014. Hmm, we’re a bit tight on the budget, but I think for our sanity’s sake, we ought to get a new car a.s.a.p. I suppose I’ll just browse around a bit more and survey my option before making any purchase commitment.

Wanna check out this place and get yourself a new car? Well, the address is as below:

Lot 67, No 7 Jalan Kilang 51/205, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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