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Feeling stressed up not only because under the weather but many other unresolved issues, I ended up going for a little gastronomic adventure.

Nutritionists may not approve my terrible binge eating habit, but hey…eating makes me feel better and the world seems to be a better place after I gobble the food down my tummy.

So here’s sharing with you what I had within 24 hours on 4th March 2014


Hotdog set from Abang Botak Burger in front of Greenrose Restaurant in Jalan Genting Klang: 1am. Cost:Rm6 per set.


Sotong Kangkung from the stalls in front of Greenrose, Jalan Genting Klang. Rm5. Shared this with hubby. 🙂 A tad spicy, but it’s fabulous.


Lunch, Beef Bulgogi set at Bee Won, Rm20 with client. Consists of rice, side dishes and miso soup.Kinda nasty. This dish did not agree with me. Did not like it. Never gonna order this again.


Shin Ramen from Bee Won, Rm10 with side dishes. Mediocre in taste. Nothing to shout about.


9 pieces of Donashi from Big Apple Donuts. Rm11. Awesome stuff. Shared this my son and it was gone within 10 minutes.


And last but not least, two pieces of Kani Mayo Onigiri from Sumo Sushi from KL Festival City outlet, Rm8.40 for two pieces. 🙂

So do I actually feel better? Hmmm…after my little gastronomic escapade throughout the day, I can’t honestly say that I feel absolutely better, but at least I don’t feel so miserably hungry. 🙂 that’s what counts…for now, I guess.

Cleffairy: Grieving is a very personal process. Nobody should be allowed to interfere.


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