Over A Cuppa Tea and Coffee with Barista Luc Jiguet at Cafés Richard SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

SkyAvenue, the lifestyle mall with an unprecedented variety of dining and shopping options in Resorts World Genting does not lack a coffee place for shoppers to grab a quick cuppa, but if you are looking for something international, hop over to Cafés Richard.


Cafés Richard provides a classy Parisian-style atmosphere where customers can experience the genuine French art of living and enjoy authentic espresso, original coffees and teas, as well as French food.


In a nod to the French way of life, where a café is more than a grab-and-go caffeine stop, Cafés Richard has modelled its seating areas after the ones in Paris. Divided into four zones, the 263-square-metre café can accomodate more than 120 customers. There are intimate booths for tête-à-tête conversations, alfresco for cool mountain air, wicker chairs facing out to the walkway for people-watching and banquette seating for groups of friends.


The most coveted seats will undoubtedly be the ones nestled within a stylized fiberglass and steel Frangipani ‘flower’ which can seat up to 34.

Shying away from some of the more conventional coffees, Cafés Richard carefully selects beans from all around the world to give customers a sense of exploration and discovery.

Top of the list at Cafés Richard is the Perle Noir, or black pearl, an exclusive Cafés Richard 100% Arabica brewed in a French-style espresso iconic of the Parisian Brasseries. Massaya, also served as an espresso, hails from Mexico and is organically cultivated.

Customers who prefer slow coffee methods such as French press, chemex, syphon or cold drip can choose from Ethiopian Moka Yirgacheffe cultivated in the birthplace of coffee, Costa Rica Tarrazu cultivated on volcanic plateaus, Sumatra “Orang Utan” whose proceeds partly go towards helping the endangered orangutans of Indonesia, as well as the rare and premium Jamaican Blue Mountain. Other than coffee, Cafés Richard also serves an extensive range of teas – black, white, green, roiboos and herbal – from India, China, Sri Lanka, South Africa and even the Alps.

With more than 2.4 million cups of Cafés Richard coffee served daily worldwide and in the cafés, bistros and restaurants from chic Saint-Germain-des-Prés, hilly Montmartre to historical Grands Boulevards, the traditional French-style coffee roaster aims to replicate the same joie de vivre at 6,000 feet above sea level at Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting.


And here’s introducing Luc Jiguet, the current Outlet Manager and Brand Ambassador for Cafés Richard in Resorts World Genting. Born and raised in the French Alps, Luc Jiguet seek for trends and innovation in the hospitality industry with a focus on barista, bar, culinary, events and mixology.


During the most recent visit to Cafés Richard, Monsier Luc Jiguet personally attended to us as a barista and brewed us some coffee and tea in a syphon and taught us a thing or two about coffee and tea brewing.


Coffee being brewed in a syphon.

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Roiboos tea being brewed in a syphon.

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Our cup of Roiboos tea and coffee

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A cup of decaffed iced Roiboos tea served with a slice of lemon and cinnamon stick is simply refreshing. This is definitely something you would like to order if you seek to unwind at Cafés Richard.

No actual word can actually do justice to the Parisian coffee and tea affair and it is something that you must experience yourselves, so go on up to Resorts World Genting and chill over a cuppa coffee or tea over there. You’ll like it. I promise you that.

For more information on Cafés Richard, hop over to dating app for gamers or refer to the information below.

Cafés Richard
Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting
Business hours: Mon – Thu (10am – 10pm), Fri – Sun (10am – 12am)
Tel: +60 3-6105 9197

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