Althea Angel’s Pick: Althea Petal Velvet Set

I haven’t been shopping much at Althea after my little birthday shopping as the haul have been keeping me well stocked with all my K-Beauty needs.


I wasn’t expecting anything from Althea at the moment and so I was really surprised these were suddenly sent to me to try.


Althea’s exclusive Petal Velvet Powder alongside with the newly released Petal Velvet Sunaway sunscreen.


The powder comes in 3 variant of colours to suit different tone of skin colour: Translucent, Warm Beige and Pink Lavender. Now, I’ve seen these countlessly in Althea, but I have yet to make a purchase as I’m honestly not a huge fan of loose powder. I’ve tried loose powder from plenty of well known brands but haven’t had much luck with any loose powder that I’ve tried before. They don’t really flatter me and usually turns my makeup cakey after awhile. Not only that, I felt that most of them are hard to blend evenly on my skin and pretty drying too and in all honesty, I’m really skeptical with these range of loose powder from Althea. But then again, it wouldn’t be fair to pass judgment before trying them out, and so I did.


Petal Velvet Powder: Translucent. At first glance, this version of Petal Velvet Powder looks like just like your ordinary baby powder. The texture is surprisingly fine. Perhaps much finer than your regular baby powder. The powder is scented, but not overly overwhelming, so I suppose I can say that I kinda like it. It helps to control the oiliness on the face while allowing the skin to breathe. But don’t expect it to provide you the coverage a regular foundation would. It does not really cover the flaws on the face.


Petal Velvet Powder: Warm Beige. Similar to the translucent version, only in different tone. Similar to the translucent version, this is also scented and have very fine texture. It helps to control the oiliness well while allowing the skin to breathe. But unlike the translucent version, the Warm Beige tone does somewhat cover some minor blemishes on my skin. So I guess it have everything to do with the colour. Although this too does not really provide proper coverage like a regular foundation would, it will still give you a decent coverage. If you would want to go for a no-makeup look, this would definitely be something you’d like to go with.

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Petal Velvet Powder: Lavender Pink. Similar to the Translucent and the Warm Beige version, the texture is really fine and gives out a subtle lavender scent. Again, the powder does not provide coverage like a foundation would, but this version gives a surprising radiant glow in comparison to it’s sisters’ counterpart. In all honesty, I like this one more than the other two.

The new Petal Velvet Sunaway is a new addition to the Althea exclusive family.

Petal Velvet Sunaway comes with SPF50 and it claimed to be able to help control sebum whils maintaining skin moisture.

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To be honest I was really surprised when I squirted the bottle. The Petal Velvet Sunaway have surprisingly watery texture with strong rosie scent and it immediately reminds me of the rose water my late grandmother used to prepare from scratch for us granddaughters. Initially, I did not know what to expect of it. Not sure if I should like it as I was expecting the Petal Velvet Sunaway to have thicker and creamy texture, but upon usage, I decided not to detest it, as it works wonder on the skin. The skin feels smoother and no white casts appears afterwards like most sunscreens. It also helps to control excess oil on the skin and this is doubtlessly something you would like to use for a long day out in the sun. The Petal Velvet Sunaway can also be used if you would like a no-makeup look as it does somewhat cover light flaws on the skin. This may not be a love at first sight for me, but it does grow on me.


Here’s wearing the Petal Velvet Sunaway and Petal Velvet Powder Lavender Pink with a swipe of my favourite matte lipstick. Say, I look pretty sweet, no?

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