First Time Being On the Leaderboard As a Freediver

Played a little bit of a depth games at the lake with my instructor and ended up getting into Freediving Adventure Malaysia’s leaderboard. You know, I’ve never been a good student when I was in school.

I was the average kind of kid and didn’t shine in school. I’ve never made my parents proud and I’ve never made it as a top student throughout my entire schooling years, but yesterday it finally feels like I’ve accomplished something big as a student. I made it to the top 10 for two freediving disciplines in my freediving school; the FIM and CWTB.

So happy that I made it to 20m in one breath. That said, I think I’m beginning to really like diving deep in just one breath, so this won’t be my last time attempting to break my own personal best’s record. Posting this here for memories and as an inspiration for my next PB attempts.

Current PB
STA- 2:06mins

Thank you for coaching and being my safety, Swen Becht . I enjoyed the session very much.😄

Exploring Depths and Soaking Up Joy In A Blissful Island Retreat with Freediving Adventure Malaysia


Life can be pretty much hectic for me. There’s family commitments and then there’s work commitments. What I portray on social media might not be a true reflection of my reality. People often see me chillaxing and doing things that I like; scuba diving, mermaiding, freediving, martial arts etc, but trust me. I don’t have that much time to spare. I only make time for things that matters and more often than not, I work irregular hours and ended up working while everyone else is sleeping.

Anyway, it’s really rare for me to take a vacation, but when I saw Freediving Adventure Malaysia (FAM) was organising a freediving trip to Perhentian Island, I thought to myself; oh hey. Why not reward myself for a little escapade after non-stop taking up diving related courses since early of the year. I’ve passed my SSI Mermaid, SSI Dive Master and PADI Freediver course, all in a span of 6 months and it’s high time I take a little break and enjoy myself.

My recent trip to Perhentian Island was such unforgettable experience. Brace yourselves, guys. Long post ahead. Follow closely as I retell my story on how I embarked on a journey that was filled with thrilling underwater adventures, mermaiding, and scuba diving.

The trip was led by my expert freediving instructor, Swen Becht from Freediving Adventure Malaysia alongside with his team; Boey and Qihao. We stayed at Dlagoon Chalet, a pretty secluded chalet in Perhentian Island with a private beach of its own. They’re really patient and always made me feel safe and guided whenever I freedive with them. I’m so blessed to have met them. I would have not been able to fall in love with freediving otherwise.

I’ve met plenty of freediving instructors before throughout my entire career as a scuba diver. Some are even record holders and stuff, but there is nobody else I would openly recommend to those who would like to learn freediving than the instructors in FAM. They’re great at igniting passion and instilling confidence in their students. Freediving is a highly risky and competitive sport, and instructors can sometimes put lots of pressure on you during training. But with them, there’s no such thing, just lotsa assurance and lots of fun learning how to be a better freediver as you go along the way.

As I mentioned, this trip is a freediving trip. My journey took off with the necessary training to enhance my freediving skills. Under the expert guidance of my instructor Swen Becht and Freediving Adventure Malaysia’s team, I learned valuable techniques to explore the depths of the underwater world with ease and grace.

Their passion for this beautiful sport was contagious, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and encouragement among my fellow trainees. With each practice session, I felt a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, breaking my own limits and expanding my horizons. Every dive was an opportunity to feel one with nature and discover the hidden treasures beneath the surface.

Here’s sharing some bits and pieces of my freediving adventure.

Dive site: The Police Wreck, Perhentian
Max depth: 16m
Free immersion line training with my FD instructor. I used to dislike this discipline but these days I feel okay doing it. Need more practice, though. There’s still so much to improve.

Something I don’t mind doing again; freediving down to see some boat wrecks. It feels so amazing to go down there in just one breath. I think I managed to go about 14-15m over here.😄

Nothing can ever compare to this. This is the most serene and zen moment that I’ve ever had.

Fun with the girls in my freediving family. Sunburned, don’t care. We had so much fun freediving around and doing our line training.

All the cute freediver guys, chillaxing at the beach after the line training and attempting PB.🤭😍

Me and my scuba buddy, mermaiding buddy, freediving buddy and bed buddy. Yea. We sleep together. Nothing scandalous there though. That dude is my husband. 😂

You know, our body is capable of many things. It’s our mind that we need to convince. I’m glad I made the plunge to go mermaiding and started freediving after that. I went from being terrified of depth without my scuba gears to this. I beat my previous 13m and went down to 16m.

Yea…I keep going deeper and deeper and keep wondering how much deeper I can go in one breath. It’s truly addictive. I feel like going deeper and deeper. 😂

Posting this as a motivation and inspiration for my next PB attempts. Hopefully I can beat my own PB next.

Current PB
CWTB- 16.5m
FIM- 15.7m
STA- 2:06m
DYN- 30m

Special thanks to Swen and of course, Qihao too for being my safety diver and making me feel safe during these attempts. I wouldn’t have been able to do so otherwise.

Yours truly with her husband and son.

A picture with my FAMily. Congratulations to all who were certified on this trip. And of course, congratulations to all the fun divers who created new personal best records as well. You guys are awesome. Special thanks to all instructors who helped us achieve all these. It won’t be possible without you. You guys rawks!

Apart from freediving, Perhentian Island also offered the perfect opportunity for me to embrace my inner mermaid.

And so I did. I was lucky enough to have Boey, Freediving Adventure Malaysia’s in-house mermaid instructor along during that trip. She was kind enough to facilitate my mermaid dives throughout the entire time I was there when we were not doing our freediving training.

Donning a pretty tail and graciously gliding through the crystal-clear waters was a dream come true to me. Mermaiding brought out the playful side of everyone, as we twisted and twirled, chasing imaginary underwater treasures. It was a magical experience that made me appreciate the beauty of the ocean and the freedom to indulge in our imaginations without restraint.

While my journey primarily involved freediving, I couldn’t miss out on exploring the wonders of the ocean’s depths through scuba diving. Here’s a picture of me and Abang Azharil ARt, whom I fondly addressed as Masterji. He was my scuba guide during the trip . Masterji and I have been friends on FB for quite some time, but have never met outside of social media. I’m glad I finally met him and managed to squeeze some time to go scuba diving with him during that trip. With his expert guidance, we embarked on underwater expeditions that showcased the vibrant marine life that surrounded us.

All geared up for scuba diving.

A picture of me with my freediving as well as scuba buddy, Kingston Tan. He decided to join me, my hubs and Masterji as well for some scuba diving.

From kaleidoscopic coral reefs teeming with life to enchanting schools of fish dancing in harmony, each dive felt like entering a living, breathing painting. The thrill of spotting exotic creatures, such as Nemo hiding within anemones, or encountering graceful sea turtles, created an immeasurable joy that words can hardly capture.

The most memorable spot is this, the San Choi Wreck. This is a well known dive spot in Perhentian and it’s my second time here.

It’s home to thousands and thousands of fish and marine lives.

The first time was with my instructor and we were freediving. I didn’t manage to dive deep and see much during the first time cuz I was already tired from my line training by the time we visited the site. I think I just went like…5m and called it a day. 😂

Glad we went scuba mode to this site again the next day. There’s so many marine creatures to see. Max depth for this site is just about 16-17m, so it’s quite a good site for open water divers as well.

Beyond the breathtaking marine adventures, my trip to Perhentian Island was made unforgettable by the wonderful people I met along the way. Swen Becht, my freediving instructor and mentor, not only taught me the art of diving but also instilled a sense of respect and love for the ocean within me. The bonds I formed with my fellow freedivers, buddies on scuba dives, and even the locals added another layer of richness to my journey. The shared laughter, encouragement, and support created a sense of unity that made every day feel like a celebration of life and friendship.

My journey to Perhentian Island with Freediving Adventure Malaysia was a vibrant tapestry of thrilling underwater escapades, carefree mermaiding, and awe-inspiring scuba diving experiences. Every glimpse into the underwater universe left me feeling not only exhilarated but also deeply connected to the pristine beauty of nature. It served as a powerful reminder of our responsibility to protect and cherish our oceans. As I reminisce about this incredible adventure, I am filled with immense gratitude for the joy, positivity, and personal growth it brought into my life. Perhentian Island will forever hold a special place in my heart as a sanctuary of bliss and unforgettable memories.

Dive in with ‘The Deepest Breath’: A Splashingly Fun Movie Night at Freediving Adventure Malaysia

Just last night, my fellow freediving enthusiasts and I embarked on an adventurous movie night at FAM-Freediving Adventure Malaysia.

With slices of pizzas in hand and anticipation in the air, we settled down to watch Netflix’s captivating documentary film, ‘The Deepest Breath.’

Guys, grab your snorkel and get ready to dive right in as I share our exhilarating experience during this fun-filled movie night!

When it comes to movies, there’s something uniquely exciting about watching one that centers around a shared passion. As freedivers, we were thrilled to discover ‘The Deepest Breath’ on Netflix. This film promised to immerse us in a world competitive freediving, heartwarming relationships, and adrenaline-fueled diving moments. Naturally, our expectations were high, and boy, did it deliver!

Nope. I won’t be giving you spoilers, but all I can say is from the very first dive in the movie, we found ourselves entranced with details.The scenes were so vivid and immersive, it felt as if we were freediving right alongside the divers.

‘The Deepest Breath,’ much like freediving itself, emphasized the importance of camaraderie. It shows us a journey of a group of divers who became tight-knit underwater family. Their friendship and support shone through as they navigated challenges, faced their fears, and celebrated successes together.

As freedivers ourselves, we resonated deeply with the movie’s depiction of the thrill and tranquility found beneath the surface. The film’s exploration of the physical and mental aspects of freediving reminded us why we fell in love with this sport in the first place. We left the movie night with ignited passion, eager to plan our next adventure and dive even deeper.

‘The Deepest Breath’ brought waves of excitement and joy to our freediving movie night. From the captivating scenes to the stunning underwater visuals, the film made for an unforgettable experience. Watching it alongside our fellow freedivers added a sense of community and enthusiasm that made the night even more special.

Whether you’re a seasoned freediver or simply curious about the sport, ‘The Deepest Breath’ is an absolute must-watch. So grab your dive buddies, cuddle up with some delicious pizza, and prepare to be submerged in this underwater adventure.

Here’s one for the album. I’m so grateful that FAM organized the fun movie night for us, and hopefully, there will be much more fun nights like this to come.

Freediving Adventure Malaysia -Where Freediving Meets Adventure

If you have been following me on my social media you probably know that I’ve just recently passed my PADI Freediver course with my instructor Swen Becht. It was an incredible journey and here’s visiting my instructor and his team at their cozy nook; Freediving Adventure Malaysia- a freediving school & shop specialised in all things freediving.

I cannot speak highly enough of this specialized shop. As someone new to the freediving world, I was looking for a place that would not only offer top-notch courses but also provide high quality freediving equipments and apparela. Freediving Adventure Malaysia, or better known as FAM in the freediving circle, exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

First and foremost, their range of freediving courses is diverse and catered to various certification bodies such as PADI, AIDA, and Molchanovs. This is such a great advantage as it allows individuals to choose the certification that suits them best. The instructors at FAM are highly experienced and passionate about what they do. They truly care about their students’ progress and ensure a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

The training packages offered by FAM are outstanding. They provide a comprehensive learning experience that covers all aspects of freediving. From theory to practical sessions, the training is well-structured and progressive. Their approach caters to individuals at different skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced freediver.

What truly sets FAM apart is a one stop centre for freediving enthusiasts. Being able to find everything I needed in one place made my experience so much more convenient. The staff are knowledgeable and guided me in choosing the right gear that suits my needs instead of just focusing on making profits. This is absolutely commendable.

The equipment is of top-notch quality, which not only enhances my performance but also ensures divers’ safety during their dives.

The team at FAM is incredibly friendly, approachable, and always ready to assist you. They have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their shop, making you feel like part of a close-knit freediving community. They are more than happy to share their expertise, answer your questions, and provide guidance even after completing your certification.

Overall, my experience at FAM- Freediving Adventure Malaysia was exceptional. The courses are top quality, the instructors are passionate and knowledgeable, and the range of equipment and apparel is impressive. I highly recommend FAM to anyone interested in embarking on a freediving journey or wanting to further enhance their skills. You won’t be disappointed!

For more information on FAM, kindly hop to the links below:



Top Sofa Repair Shop in Klang Valley


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King’s Park Gallery Opens To Showcase The Development of A New Entertainment Hub and Central Business District in Genting Highlands

GENTING HIGHLANDS, 22 July, 2023 –

The much anticipated opening of King’s Park Gallery is finally opened today in Genting Highlands. 

In his welcoming speech, Mr Sean Chen, Executive Vice President of King’s Park said the development, a RM10 billion gross development value project, would be poised to the new central business district and integrated entertainment hub in Genting Highlands. The development will benefit greatly from the influx of investment and development opportunities in the central area of the Genting region. Genting Highlands is projected to receive 53 million visitors by 2026 with a catchment area of over 700,000 people within a 5-kilometre radius.

Leveraging on the already high tourist arrivals at Genting Highlands, King’s Park Genting Highlands is a mega development in partnership with Yuk Tung Group and the Association for the Promotion of Higher Education in Malaysia (APHEM). The development spans over 61-hectares of freehold land, comprising an integrated entertainment hub that includes a unique blend of commercial and recreational offerings.

Sean added, ‘This grand project will be segmented by phases. The first phase involves the provision of commercial shops that will provide our distinguished guests with a cinematic retail experience. We have spared no expense into injecting a unique sense of charm in each of these shops.’

King’s Park development rife with potential, and this project would be a beacon for foreign investment to create a dynamic ecosystem of opportunities. The potential for growth and success within this Central Business District is boundless, and King’s Park extend a warm invitation to global investors to be part of this remarkable venture. 

As the project progresses, King’s Park anticipates a multitude of businesses, residents, and tourists to be drawn to this thriving hub, cementing its status as the pulsating heart of an active and exciting region. King’s Park hopes not to build just a development, but a thriving community that embraces progress, innovation, and endless possibilities.

In addition, this development lies a commitment in creating a significant number of employment opportunities for the local community and beyond. By involving the local workforce in various aspects of the project, from construction to ongoing operations, we can foster economic empowerment and uplift livelihoods.

The King’s Park commercial centre features a 2,000m stretch of cutting-edge pedestrian street shops. The 12 blocks that will house a total of 360 shops are masterfully designed and based on colonial and vintage architecture. Each retail block unit is held under a freehold strata title and has its own identity and façade design. The size of each unit averages 7m by 23m. Most ground floor units will have exceptionally high ceilings measuring 6.5m, with an option to include a mezzanine floor. The highlight of some of these shops are alfresco terraces plus duo entrances to allow free flow and easy access for visitors.

What distinguishes King’s Park from the rest of the retail shops available in Genting Highlands is that it is an integrated entertainment hub. There will be a significant presence of internationally acclaimed brands, with new experiences to be introduced into the development which are not yet available in Malaysia. There will be many outdoor activities such as eco-sports, mountain biking trails and attractions including theme parks, and, the world’s largest terrarium at more than 600m in length.

To emphasize the magnitude of the integrated entertainment hub project, there will be approximately 18,680 sq m of ‘Truly Asia Cultural Streets’. The ‘Truly Asia Cultural Streets’ at King’s Park will allow patrons and visitors to experience the metropolitan charms of famed and acclaimed streets such as Seoul’s Myeongdong, Osaka’s Ebisubashi-Suji, and Bangkok’s Khao San Road, where neon lights and signages play an important part in its exciting aesthetic. This cultural labyrinth is designed to encapsulate the spirit of Asia, showing off its diversity and energy.

With Muslim communities forming over 65% of Malaysia’s population, King’s Park proposes to include an international retail halal hub and a halal luxury boutique hotel. This will attract local and overseas Muslim tourists and will promote diversity and inclusivity, tapping into the rapidly growing market for halal-friendly travel and dining options. With so much to offer, a day trip to King’s Park would not be sufficient. For those who wants to stay longer, King’s Park raises the bar by offering various five-star hotels, including the luxury Swissôtel Genting Highlands which is scheduled to open in 2028.

The Swissôtel Genting Highlands in Malaysia is set to be a posh retreat with a backdrop of beautiful natural surroundings. The 300-room property is a cornerstone of this extraordinary development, offering unmatched hospitality, contemporary conference facilities, and a spectacular grand ballroom for unforgettable events. The elegant and comfortable rooms, all-day dining options, executive lounges, and bars will offer the ideal locations for guests to create memorable experiences. The property will furthermore offer a heated swimming pool, sundeck, fitness center, spa, scenic jogging tracks, and a kids’ club. The hotel’s 30-story building will provide uninterrupted views of the stunning mountains and the Genting Highlands summit, located just a 15-minute drive away. Guests will be able to venture beyond the Swissôtel Genting Highlands to discover a sanctuary of sophisticated living, with 44,515 square meters of exquisite villas and bungalows, as well as 96,000 square meters of stylish residences and serviced apartments, perfect for discerning urbanites, all of which will be located in the enchanting world of Crowne Estate Malaysia – an elegant retreat nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty. This development at King’s Park Genting Highlandsis a captivating and impressive 156,419 square-meter project with a remarkable Gross Development Value of over RM3 billion.

The first phase of commercial and retail shops is scheduled to open in 2026. Neighbours include luxurious residence developments, Awana Golf Resort and Genting Highlands Premium Outlets. Like its neighbours, King’s Park enjoys cool weather of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year and is surrounded by a 130-million-year-old jungle rich with flora and fauna, waterfalls, and fresh air.

For more information, please visit or call +601162216168.

Volunteerism: Ghost Net Busting in Pulau Undan, Taman Laut Melaka


Pulau Undan, located in Melaka, Malaysia, is a remarkable marine park known for its rich biodiversity and stunning coral gardens. However, like many other marine ecosystems around the world, it faces numerous challenges such as pollution, overfishing, and habitat destruction. To address these issues and conserve its marine life, Jabatan Perikanan Melaka has invited us, a group of individual scuba diver volunteers to remove ghost nets and promote coral propagation in the area.

Ghost nets, often lost or abandoned fishing nets, pose a significant threat to marine life. These nets continue to trap and kill marine animals, including fish, turtles, and dolphins, long after they have been discarded. Understanding the urgency to address this issue, the marine park conservation program at Pulau Undan has initiated a volunteer-led effort to remove these deadly nets from the surrounding waters.

Empty can make most noise, won’t you agree with that? Well, many people are like that. They talk a lot when it comes to conservation works, but when asked to contribute their time, efforts and energy, most of them shy away from getting their hands dirty.

I’ve seen plenty of those all talks and no action, but my teammates are not like that. They have that charismatic quiet strength in them. They’re definitely all action and not much talk and walk their talks with the CAN DO attitude.

Underwater clean up work is never an easy task. Even more so if the dive site is a low vis site. Some certain sites in Pulau Undan where most ghost net lies are exactly that-not for petty divers. Extensive dive plans are usually made to ensure the safety of the divers and it takes a lot of guts to do this kind of conservation work. The method and dive plans used for ghost net removals in limited vis sites is totally different from sites that offer crystal clear view.


If there’s somethin’ strange in the neighborhood Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! There’s somethin’ weird and it don’t look good Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! If there’s ghost net strangling corals under the sea, who you’re gonna call? GHOSTNET BUSTERS! 😂😂😂😂 Yep. My alter ego Auntie Cleaner is back in Pulau Undan at Taman Laut Melaka again this month. As usual, we were assigned to do underwater clean up again and here’s what my superhero teammates hauled up. More than 200kg worth of ghost nets! This time around I was also given the opportunity to visit and study the new fish homes and coral table over there where we learn to do some coral propagation stuff after our clean up works were done. Admittedly, my knowledge in that department is abit lacking and I’ve learned quite a few things during this volunteering trip, particularly in fish and coral identification study. I am grateful that things went smoothly this time in comparison to the previous round where it was quite nasty terms of undercurrent and visibility and we managed to complete the task given without a hitch. I like working with this bunch of buddies. They’re the best teammates ever and they always keep my moral up. They’re no nonsense type of people, and they always gets the job done quietly. Thank you everyone for diving safe and the job well done. Thank you for taking care of me throughout the entire trip and thank you Jabatan Perikanan Melaka for inviting us. Your trust in our ability is most appreciated. Pictures credit to photographer extraordinaire Abang Syam Cino . #iamssi #wearessi #ssimermaid #underwatercleanup #dofmelaka #wearessi #iamssi #realdiving #ssiambassador blueoceansprogram, #ssiblueoceans #marineecology @blueoceansprogram

♬ Trip – Axero

Copy code

Here’s a tribute video to my teammates, the volunteer divers for the Marine Park Conservation program by Jabatan Perikanan Melaka (DOF Melaka).

I claim no credit for the footage of the videos. Footage was mostly contributed by Azmir Khalid Syam Cino and Abang Rocky.

Equipped with cutting tools and specialized equipment, the Ghost Net team carefully navigate the reefs and search for any entangled nets. These nets are then cut loose and carefully brought to the surface, ensuring that no further damage is caused to the fragile coral reefs or the marine lives dwelling there. This isn’t an easy job at all, considering that Pulau Undan is famous for its low visibility and rough currents. Any lesser divers would give up abort the dive within minutes of entering these challenging sites.

Here’s what my teammates managed to bring up this time around.

More than 200kg worth of ghost nets.

Can you imagine what sort of damage that these have made and would have still been making should these still remain at depth in Pulau Undan? I’m glad we managed to remove this to prevent anymore damages in the area.

However, the conservation efforts go beyond just removing ghost nets. Recognizing the vital role that coral reefs play in maintaining the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem, our team also actively participates in coral propagation initiatives where we work alongside local experts to identify healthy coral colonies and carefully collect fragments for propagation.

I had the opportunity to visit the coral propagation table for a little while at Pulau Undan after the ghost net removal was done, and discovered that coral propagation works demanded totally different skill sets in comparison to removing ghost nets. It requires a lot of meticulous patience and fine motor skills apart from needing to be mindful of the marine creatures that might be curious about you while you’re working. This field of underwater clean up and conservation definitely requires a lot of knowledge and classroom efforts. You need to study, study, study and do more studies before you even consider doing this.

On another note, I saw lotsa coral fragments scattered around; which is not at the coral table area during inspection and I’m not sure what causes such a terrible mess. I guess this site needs more observation and extra care from us. Logically, that’s not supposed to happen, but hey…the underwater world can be unpredictable, so there is that.

That said, I’m glad that me and my buddies managed to complete the task given with ease. During this dive, we were supposed to remove dead coral fragments and quickly replace it with new ones, after which, clean ups in the surrounding area; eg: remove rubbish and ghost net pieces are resumed.

I have to say, the ‘riding the wave skills’ that I learned during mermaiding really comes in handy while doing clean up work over here at this particular site. As it’s really shallow dives, divers can be easily affected by the rolling waves.I would have felt this site particularly difficult should I have not learned this skill before.

I’ve learned a lot from this single dive and am hoping to develop more skills through this from now onwards.


Volunteering for Marine Park Conservation Program by DOF Melaka. Dive site: Pulau Undan, Melaka. Task assigned: Coral propagation and cleaning up coral table. I claim no credit to the video. Footages were taken by underwater photographer extraordinaire @syamcino #marineecology #ssiblueoceans #blueoceansprogram #ssiambassador #realdiving #iamssi #wearessi #wearessi #underwatercleanup

♬ Mood On – Vin Music

Copy code


Video footage materials were taken by underwater photographer extraordinaire Syam Cino and I claim no rights whatsoever to it. Video is strictly for personal documentary purposes only.

Coral propagation involves the process of growing new corals from these collected fragments and we have to attach these fragments to artificial structures called coral nurseries, providing them with a suitable environment to grow and thrive. Once these new corals reach a sufficient size, they are transplanted back into the natural reef, helping to restore and enhance the overall health and diversity of the marine park.

In all honesty, it’s not an easy job protecting the marine life at Pulau Undan. Our efforts hopefully will not only contribute to the preservation of a fragile ecosystem but also raise awareness about the negative impact of human activities on marine environments.

Here, I would like to thank all my teammates for a job well done. I hope that our volunteering efforts will make a substantial impact on the health and sustainability of our oceans. I really hope that our collective actions will one day transform Pulau Undan into a model marine park where corals are thriving, and marine species can flourish undisturbed.

Disclaimer:  We were invited by DOF Melaka and we were not representing or associated with any profit/non-profit organization or any non-governmental bodies during this program. We are individual volunteers and are self-funded. We were not paid to do the conservation work, and received nothing in compensation for our efforts.

BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL New Menu Review: Steamboat&Grill Buffet

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the new BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL seafood steamboat and grill buffet with my family and friend, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed.

Located nearby the Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur, this restaurant offers a unique riverside dining experience that combines the best of both steamboat and grill feasts.

Firstly, the ambience of the restaurant is all close to nature and inviting , with a spacious layout that allows for comfortable dining.

The wide array of fresh seafood on display immediately caught my attention as soon as I entered. From succulent prawns and crabs to a variety of fish and shellfish, the selection was truly impressive. The BBQ lamb and beef, in particular, was a highlight of the buffet, as I hadn’t seen it offered at many other places.

Once seated, the friendly staff promptly asked us for the choice of broth that we would like to go with the steamboat. They had 3 types of broth; chicken soup, curry and Tom Yam. After I made the selection, we were immediately served us a pot of flavourful Tom Yam broth for the steamboat. The broth was rich in aroma and tasted delicious even before any ingredients were added.

We were then given a wide range of fresh vegetables, meats, and condiments to add to our steamboat. The DIY aspect of the meal allowed us to customize our own dishes according to our preferences, which added to the overall enjoyment of the experience.

Sides of carbs and finger food like nuggets, chicken wings and pasta is also available for your enjoyment. Also spotted in the buffet is a variety of dimsum selection.

As we waited for our steamboat to heat up, we also had the option of grilling some of the seafood and meats on the tabletop grill. This added a fun interactive element to the meal, as we got to grill our own food to perfection.

The seafood itself was of excellent quality, with a superb freshness that was evident in every bite. The prawns were plump and juicy, while the crabs were meaty and full of flavor. The fish was tender and flaky, and the shellfish had a delightful briny taste. The beef was an absolute delight, perfectly marinated and cooked to perfection, it was a true highlight of the buffet.

To complement the steamboat and grill, the restaurant also offered a variety of dipping sauces and condiments. From tangy chili sauces to fragrant soy sauce, these condiments enhanced the flavors of the dishes even further.

Apart from the variety of items for the steamboat and grill, fresh fruit platters, ice cream and desserts were also offered. A must try at the dessert area is the Ais Kacang.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the reasonable price of the buffet. The buffet only costs RM35 per pax. Considering the quality and variety of the seafood and meat options, the price was a steal and provided great value for money.

Overall, I had a fantastic dining experience at the BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL seafood steamboat and grill buffet with my family and friend. The fresh seafood, delicious BBQ lamb, and interactive grilling experience made for an unforgettable meal. I highly recommend this restaurant to seafood and grill enthusiasts looking for an indulgent and satisfying culinary experience with relaxing ambiance in Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s the pricing for your reference:

Adults: RM35/pax
Students and pregnant ladies: RM30/pax.
Children 5-12 yo and senior citizens RM25/pax

For more information on BBQ Lamb Kemensah, please refer to the details below:

BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah Jalan Taman Zooview, Kampung Kemensah, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

For reservation or enquiries, you may whatapps or call: 012-211 4100


Volunteerism: Conservation Work& Ghost Net Removal at Taman Laut Melaka

My buddies and I were invited for a conservation program by Jabatan Perikanan Melaka (DOF Melaka) last month and it is finally scuba diving day again after a month taking a break from doing any underwater clean up work due to the fasting month of Ramadan. It’s really nice to be back doing underwater clean up, I must say. This is my fifth time volunteering as an underwater cleaner at this dive site. There were other teams involved in their program, one is ghost net removal while another one is the coral propagation works. The mission for me and buddies after one month of hiatus;  removing the ghost nets at Pulau Undan in Taman Laut Melaka. I wouldn’t be talking about other teams in this posting as I was not involved in their work in any way, and it wouldn’t do justice to write things that I did not experience myself. I mean, I shouldn’t take credit for the things that I did not do now, should I?

So here’s sharing the bits of things that me and my buddies did during the program; removing ghost nets.

Here’s my buddies Adam and Farid with the ghost net that we managed to cut off and bring up to the surface during our first dive.

Nasty piece of ghost net, isn’t it?

This particular piece is not easy to remove and bring up. Unlike mermaiding where everything is so chillaxing and beautiful, removing ghost nets is extremely unglamorous. Out of 5 times I’ve done ghost nets at Pulau Undan, Melaka, there were no pictures or videos of me or my buddies doing work underwater. Why? Cuz if I’m leading the team or if I’m coordinating the team, I always place a ban on cameras whenever we’re executing our missions. If you’re diving with me while doing clean up work, photography is a strict no. Divers who are photographers hate my gut, I kid you not. 😂

Why do we ban cameras? Unlike doing clean up works in an aquarium-like environment, diving in a low vis-high current environment to do clean up works is actually terrible. Even more so if we’re in ghost nets areas where we face the risks of being entangled in the nets. To date, the best vis my team got is usually just 1m max. That’s on good days. On bad days, we’re practically…well…you know, groping around to find ghost nets to bring up.

We can’t afford to be distracted even for 1 second. Just about anything can happen in 1 second in these sites that we usually work on. Pretty sad, you know. There are times I wish I could show off how wonderful all the buddies I’ve worked with and how efficiently they have done their part, but no… it’s not possible. At least not without compromising on the safety aspect of our mission. Even if we had a dedicated photographer to follow us around, the photographer too would be at risk of getting trapped in ghost nets while videoing us and stuff. So definitely a no no.

This round we only managed to bring these up during our first dive. And a few more ghost nets are not in the picture cuz by the time we managed to bring em up, we were already too exhausted to even think straight, what more thought of taking pics.

That said, it was a particularly extreme dive in comparison to our previous dives over here this round. Super high surface and underwater current. I was assuming a safety diver role during that dive and I must say it was not really fun.
Thankfully my team is trained to handle situations like this well, or SAR mission would have been in order if they’re less competent divers. 🤧.

These are my dive buddies…my teammates during our conservation work at Taman Laut Melaka organized by DOF Melaka. We were part of the ghost net removal team. They’re the sort of people who quietly get the job done without asking for credits. I know some people questioned the ghost net team’s efficiency and competency in getting the job done, but they don’t know any better and I never once doubted their skills, not even for a moment. The group pic are the dudes I dive with during the program:

Cikgu Fariz
Abang Syam Cino
Abang Rocky
Adam Lau
Mohd Farid

So here I am, saying thank you for being great team players. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for being such great buddies. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be able to dive safely in such a challenging site and I wouldn’t be able to complete the tasks assigned to me with ease. I am grateful for my team. They’re the best I could ask for. Thank you team, for being such team players. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for taking care of me. And thank you for being safe.

Disclaimer: We were invited by DOF Melaka and we were not representing or associated with any profit/non-profit organization or any non-governmental bodies during this program. We are individual volunteers and are self-funded. We were not paid to do the conservation work, and received nothing in compensation for our efforts.

Akimia Monster Condition Facial Mask Review

It’s never easy being a scuba diver. Even more so if you’re not exactly the recreational type and is passionate about conservation work and making the ocean and environment a better and safer place. Not everyone understands the stuff that you do and some would even question your sanity for even volunteering. The worst part is that sometimes, your efforts are not appreciated and instead you are criticized for all the things you’ve been doing. I’m the sort of person who will always take a step back and evaluate on whether my time, efforts and yes, even money is worth investing again in the future when it comes to volunteerism, cuz sometimes all I get in return is just some stupidly bad sunburns.😂

Let’s face it. I don’t have a sugar daddy funding me for all the things that I’d like to do. And I have no talent to get myself one either. My limit is as deep as my pocket. Which isn’t exactly deep at all, at least for now. My time, efforts and money is not free, so regardless of passion, the personal gratification and return of investment comes first.

The only thing that kept me going most of the time is because of my awesome buddies, especially the non-judgemental ones who are generous with encouragement and support, especially from the mermaid side of my buddies. Skin badly damaged, and sunburned? Scuba divers usually don’t really care that much, they’re the ‘sunburned, don’t care type’, but merbuddies and mersisters? They’ll start fussing and pampering me like crazy.

And here’s using a facial mask that I got from a mermaid gathering to sooth my stupidly sunburned skin after my most recent conservation work- Akimia Monster Condition mask. The mask comes in a real cute monster packaging where the mask and the fluids are in two separated compartments and you would need to tear off the middle part of the packaging for the mask to absorb the fluid to enable usage. I’m not sure why they designed it this way but I supposed it’s to keep the mask fresh prior to usage, I guess?

Anyway, if you ever got this, make sure the mask sheets are properly soaked up before you put it into your face. And do feel free to use those excess fluids on your neck, your hands or even your legs if you want. There is ample of it after the mask sheets fully absorb the fluids in the packaging.

It’s a really cool moisturizing mask, I kid you not. It soothes the skin and gives your skin the boink-boink effect in a jiffy and it makes me a happier gal. After a few usage, my sunburns were visibly lessened. 🥰😍😍😍

I would highly recommend this Akimia Master condition mask to those who suffer from bad sunburns or those who have particularly dry skin.

Interested in getting your hands on this mask? Well, then, hop over to their page here: