My sincerest apologies to my readers as I haven’t been making effort to conjure some nice article to ponder upon. Some atomic bomb is strapped to my ass, and would explode if I were to allow myself the pleasure of blogging. Okay, maybe not atomic bomb, but I’m dead busy, and my boss is constantly firing away. And when I’m finally free to do some writing, I feel like my body is going against me and forced me to sleep. LOL. Okay, I know my excuses are lame, but busy as I am, I won’t allow my hectic life to take away my recently adopted Friday ritual-which is to answer Eugene’s weekly quiz. So, here goes nothing…

1)What is the one thing you think you have not given or done enough for your children?

Frankly speaking, I think I have never done enough. And I think I would never be able to do enough for my children…nothing I did seems to be enough. When I loved them, I feel that I could have loved them more. Does this makes any sense? Mummy always want to do best, and always want to give the best to her children, so nothing would be enough. Whatever she does, she think she could strive to do better, and give her child/children the life and a loving family that they truly deserved. But if there’s truly one thing that I didn’t give my child/children enough, it would be ‘time’.

2) If your son were to be a famous frontman in a heavy metal group,what would be the one thing,you’d advise him to refrain from, besides sex and drug ?

I’d advice against crime. And I’d also advice against infidelity and encourage my son to be monogamous if he were to get married.

3)what would be the next best analogy you’d give to your children apart from “honey and the bee” when explaining about sex?

What? Are you kidding? Kids these days are well informed. I’d sooner allowed them to watch documentary about how C-section being performed than keep them in the dark about sex. The sooner I’d allowed them to watch that sort of documentary, the longer they can remain an innocent child. But if I have to choose an analogy, I’d go purely medical and scientific about it. So… the terms vagina and penis would be used. (Whatcha looking at? Do you honestly think that I will spat the word cibai and kukujiao to my kids??? Geez!)

4)If your child asks you to do just one crazy thing from him/her, what would you do?

Dance some sexy tango with my husband in front of my conservative mother in law. In any luck, she’ll be traumatized and ended up having amnesia and won’t have time to nag nag and nag me for not feeding/raising my kids properly.


5)What would your first reaction be, when you see your child blowing a condom into a balloon?

Honestly, do you think that never happened before? *sigh* I’d probably scowl but would let my kid off. It’s a good thing that he blew the condom as he thought it’s a balloon. I’ll totally freaked out if he placed it on his penis. Blowing it into balloon is fine with me. Nothing to be surprised or fussed about. After all, that bloody thing really does look like balloon anyway.

6)How would you explain yourself,when you’re caught watching porn by your child?

*clears throat* I would thank God that my kid didn’t actually see me in some passionate action with my husband. In any case, I’d maintain the ‘stern’ mummy facade and told my kid that this ‘stuff’ is not for children to watch and chase them to bed or do their homework.

7)What is your favourite phrase when you are scolding your children?

“Keep quiet! Mummy is trying get some rest!” and ” Stop playing already” and not to mention “No TV!!!”. But my personal favourite have to be “I’m telling your Papa about this! Just you wait!”

8)What is the best money advice,you would want your children to inherit?

Spending wisely and knowing the value of hard earned money.

9)What you do if your child says this to you ” my boyfriend is a girl or My girlfrined is a boy?

My first respond would be “Screw you!” but my second one would be a deep thinking on where I’ve gone wrong in raising my son/daughter that they choose to be homosexual. I must have done something wrong if they ended up that way. 🙁

10)what is just one thing you think your children dislike about you?

My mood swings as well as my A-type personality.

Cleffairy: Whatever you do for your children, it would never be enough, as you could always do better.


  1. claire says:

    HI Cleffairy.. u r really good in answering eugene’s kinky and cracking head questionaires.. i m lazy to crack my head.. perhaps i dont want to imagine.. i might faint… anyway mykids are in their teens now..perhaps they know more than i do.. h aha

  2. Dreamkid says:

    Hi Cleffairy. About children, I told my dad that I would not be able to give him grandchildren and he passed on thinking that it is so.

    I hope it would not turn true… I don’t even know why I said it in the first place. The only explanation I can think of is because I still don’t have a gf.

  3. cleffairy says:

    Claire… lol… I hate to do tags one, actually. But Eugene’s quiz is different… lmao… got my brain crackin… and you’re right, punk teenagers these days knows better than us. (OMG, wtf I am not even 30 and i refer those kids as punk teenagers??? WTFFF???)

    Dreamkid, I am so sorry to hear about your father. I am sure he’s in a better place now, no pain, no suffering. Please don’t think too much, take it easy and stay strong for your mother’s sake.

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