Petronas Malaysia F1 Grand Prix Street Concert in KLCC

It’s the year 2012 and it’s been a decade since I live in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, and nothing about Kuala Lumpur seems to amuse or amaze me anymore. Everything became ordinary to me and slowly, I stopped taking a break to fully absorb the true beauty of Kuala Lumpur and what this lively city has to offer.

Life in Kuala Lumpur is much more exciting and happening if you stop for awhile to see what’s going on around you. Kuala Lumpur is much more exhilirating if you see it from a tourist’s or a globetrotter’s point of view.


Kuala Lumpur is basically a concrete jungle, and a home to the iconic Petronas Twin Tower.


This majestic building have been a witness to many touristy events, and no doubt it’s not going to stop being a host to many more interesting events in the future. I was in KLCc earlier and discovered that this place will be hosting a street concert in conjunction of the upcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix 2012 in Sepang Circuit. Yep…the F1 fever is back.

You might wonder what these folks are doing. Well, they are taking a break from building this


And this

The stage is rather huge, and many renown local and foreign artists will be entertaining on this stage for the Petronas Malaysia F1 Street Concert.

Will it be a blast? I don’t know. This is something you have to find out yourself.

The concert will be held on 23rd March 2012 from 6.30pm-2.30am at Plaza KLCC. Since this is a street concert,no tickets is needed and you may just drop by and have fun.

Cleffairy: When was the last time you stop walking or driving so fast and just be grateful of what you have and enjoy what the world have to offer?


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