Petronas Malaysia F1 Grand Prix 2012-F1 Car Showcase.

Are you a huge fan of F1 race? I’m not sure if  you are, but I’m definitely one. I’ve been watching F1 race since ten years back. F1 had much more drama back then during the year 2000-2002. Who can forget the cocky Juan Pablo Montoya and the goodie and gentlemenly Shumacher brothers, Micheal and Ralph Shumacher? And yeah, the crybaby Mika Hakkinen too.  I could never forget those glorious F1 era.

Juan Pablo Montoya may no longer be in the F1 circuit and Micheal Shumacher may no longer race for my favourite team Ferrari after coming out from his short retirement, but I still watch F1 whenever it’s racing season. The speed during the race exhilirate me, and the car’s aerodynamic and technology fascinates me.

And so, when I was invited by Petronas themselves for a blogger event in KLCC, I was really thrilled. I may have watched F1 race before, but I have never been up closed with an F1 car before. The Petronas Malaysia F1 Grand Prix 2012 showcase is pretty cool.

Just look at this sexy F1 car.

Being able to see an F1 car this close is really an experience for me.


Invited bloggers were allowed to get near to the car and we were briefed about the car’s specs.


I was really fascinated with the car’s cockpit.


The space was really small and looks like a Playstation car game joystick, but this is the place that actually controls the entire car.

And actually keeps the driver safe despite of the speed and the extreme heat of the race. This technology is really amazing.

Bloggers were also invited to try a new F1 game, known as ‘The Sound of Speed’. The game is based on sound recognition and gamers are supposed tobuse their voice to match the speed of the ingame F1car. I didn’t managed to try, though,cuz there was too many people. I browsed around in the event’s site instead.

Apart from the F1 car, there is also a Mercedes sport’s car on display.

Nice, isn’t it? Well, the price is nice too.


You may sit and drive this car for Rm1.8 million.

There was also various merchandises on sale.

F1 designer’s outfit.

Car collectiblesimage

And even soft toys.

And of course, not forgetting various products from Petronas.

Syntium, the official lubricant for Petronas Mercedes F1 car.

Intetested in taking a peek at the cars on display? Want to get some of the merchandises? Wanna meet and greet Mercedes Malaysia F1 racer, Nico Rosberg and Micheal Shumacher? Or simply wanna admire the pretty grid girls? Well you may head over to the Petronas Malaysia F1 Grand Prix showcase at KLCC, concourse area from 18th March to 25th March 2012.

Micheal Shumacher and Nico Rosberg will be making a special onstage appearance and a meet and greet session on 21st March 2011 at 5.30pm in KLCC Concourse Area, so if you’re a fan, don’t miss it.

Cleffairy: Driven to win.


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