Long time ago… on rainy days…

Have you ever played boardgames or card games? I used to play all sort of boardgames with my mum and dad when I was a little girl. We usually play boardgames on quiet, rainy weekends where we have no choice but to stay indoor and do something to amuse ourselves. You see, when I was a little girl, TV is quite a no-no for me. I don’t get to watch TV the way kids these days get to watch TV.

My parents do not believe in turning on the idiot box to amuse me and my kid sister on weekends. My dad was a studios person and he believed in nurturing my sister and I with storybooks and challenging boardgames like mastermind, monopoly, chess, tic-tac-toe and even bingo games. My parents believed that turning on the TV for me and my sister to watch would ruin our young minds, but playing boardgames would not only make our head spin a little bit, but it will also strengthen our ties as family as when we play such games, we would have to communicate with each other throughout the game.

My all time favourite game got to be chess and tic-tac-toe, because I was not very good at monopoly, mastermind and bingo games. I was lousy at counting money, and therefore, I will always be the first to go bankrupt during monopoly games. I was also very bad at code-breaking, and therefore, I never win any mastermind games with my dad. Even though I enjoy playing bingo, I was completely hopeless in predicting numbers, and therefore, it makes me a lousy bingo player too. I always loose when I play bingo.

Thankfully I was very good at scheming and planning ahead and therefore always win those chess games and tic-tac-toe. Thank God for small mercies or else, I’d be quite a sore loser in every single games my family decided to play.

I really do miss the good old times where rainy day fun would mean some boardgames sessions at the dinner table. I don’t get that anymore because I’m married and no longer living with my parents and technology seems to rule the world these days. Nobody is interested to play any boardgames with me anymore as Internet and the idiot box seems to be more appealing that those good old boardgames. 🙁 Even my boy is not interested in boardgames. Thank God he’s interested in completing puzzles, though.

Cleffairy: Missed the good old times where snake and ladder seems to be the in thing.


  1. Christopher says:

    hahahaha… there are still lots and lots of boardgames around. I played at least twice a week, sometimes four times a week during lunch time with my colleagues. Check out my facebook for the pictures. There are also a lot of boardgames cafe and getting more and more!
    Boardgames are fun….. a lot of them needed to think – need strategy !

  2. cassiemissy says:

    oo.. i always loved these board games but nobody seems want to play them with me nowadays..haha.. they find it too boring~ i guess it’s the lack of animation.. LOL.. I still have these board games in my cupboard..waiting for the correct partner to play with.. XD

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