Prices of Goods To Go Up 10% By Next Month

Below is an excerpt taken from The Star Malaysia, Monday 9th June 2008

IPOH: Consumers can expect the prices of many essential items to increase by as much as 10% next month.Federation of Sundry Goods Merchant Associations of Malaysia president Lean Hing Chuan said sundry store owners have no choice but to raise the prices of goods not controlled by ceiling prices to survive the impact of the fuel price hike.Lean said canned food and other items with plastic packaging were likely to be sold at a higher price but declined to disclose the actual list of goods.


I’m pleased with the fact that I’ll finally get tell my physic teacher back in high school that physic law that she contstantly try to drill to my thick skull “Everything that goes up, must come down” definitely can’t be applied to Malaysian current state of economy. Obviously, there are some certain things that goes up, stays up, and will never comes down. Well at least they stay up and have no sign of coming down at least anytime soon.  Ah, the wonder of physics law. They never cease to amuse me.

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