Probiotics For Pregnancy – Things You Should Know

I’m 36 going on 37. I gave birth really young and now my only son is already 16 years old. Family and friends alike are always asking me; when am I going to get pregnant and expand my little family? Don’t I want a bigger family? Don’t I want a baby daughter to dote on?

Well, feeling miffed on the questions that I considered as an invasion of privacy aside, I have to say that pregnancy is a huge thing for me, and it’s not something I’d consider lightly. I didn’t enjoy much of my pregnancy when I was pregnant with my son. I felt sick all the time, walks around like a zombie throughout the entire pregnancy and worst, I can barely keep anything that I eat down, no matter what I do. Everything seems to disagree with me. I was so physically worn and emotionally distressed during my pregnancy. My conditions only improved towards the end of the pregnancy, so excuse me if I blatantly tell you that I don’t feel like going through a repeated experience just so that I can hold a bundle of joy in my arms.

Anyway, speaking of pregnancy, one of my friends is pregnant and we happened to catch up via Google Meet. You know how it’s like now. My friends and I missed each other very much. We used to go for hi-teas every other weekend but since we’re still fighting the pandemic now, we called each other via Google meet often to catch up. And catch up we did. We spoke about pregnancy woes and she was sharing about how terrible her pregnancy is as well. Apart from the regular morning sickness, she’s also suffering from poor digestion, fatigue, bloating, loose stools and anemia, but her condition slowly improves as she changed her diet to light &easy to digest food and taking probiotics. She mentioned that her doctor said that all her problems actually point to a weak gut and that’s what actually ails most pregnant women, and prescribe some light diet for her to follow alongside with probiotics to help her with her symptoms.

I listened intently when she was sharing her experience and I was taken aback a little. I suffered the same thing she did during my pregnancy; poor digestion, fatigue, bloating, loose stools and anemia, and I wondered if I had the same problems and I could have improved my situation back then by taking care of my gut? You see, the gut is part of the digesting system and is a vital organ in the body that absorbs all the nutrients that we eat and expels it as feces. If this organ is unhealthy, it will definitely affect our entire bodily system.

And so, I did some Googling and discovered that taking care of the gut, especially during pregnancy is really important. It helps to dispel unnecessary pregnancy discomfort such as poor digestion, fatigue, bloating and helps

Apart from practicing light exercises and healthy diet, one way to take care of the gut’s health during pregnancy is to take probiotics as probiotics good for pregnancy. Not familiar with the term probiotics? Simply put, probiotics are made of good live bacteria and it naturally lives in your body. Yes. Generally, bacteria are portrayed as a villain and something bad. But this is not true. Not all bacteria are bad. You actually have good bacteria in your body too, and they’re working behind the scene to keep you healthy. For example, if you have an infection or gets sick, that means there are a lot of bad bacteria is attacking your system. This is when the good bacteria in your body will counter-attack to keep your system in balance and help you get better. Basically, the role of good bacteria in your body helps to eliminate the bad bacteria and keep your body in a good condition. One way to add good bacteria is by consuming probiotics supplements.

There are plenty of probiotics in the market but here’s one that’s great for pregnant ladies; Yourgutt.

YourGutt is a fermented rice bran powder that’s beneficial for overall gut health, and it is the first in Malaysia and Asia to have the complete-biotics, the prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotics.

The best part? YourGutt not only taste good, but it’s practically allergent-free, made from natural, ingredients and is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

So ladies, whether you are pregnant or not, your gut health matters, as it helps your entire bodily system runs healthily. If you haven’t included any probiotics in your diet or your family’s diet, you might want to look into this to improve your lifestyle and health in whole. I regret not discovering this earlier. It could have save me alot from unnecessary ailments.

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