Public Toilet Is Not For Dummies!

I am not exactly a good person. In fact, I am a very bad person. Bad enough that people could easily label me as an evil, conniving bitch. I’m fine with what people thought of me, really. I am a lot of things, but I’m definitely NOT a hypocrite. I know I am a bad person and therefore, I admit that I am bad. To me, it’s just a matter of perception. It is not about how people see me, but how I see myself. Besides, I have complains about almost everything in life and it takes very little to upset me.

Take this for an example. I was having such a great time on Sunday, being with people that I love and in places that I love, and I have to go and spoil my own mood by getting upset with things that I cannot control and could never, ever change. READ: PUBLIC TOILET and THE PEOPLE WHO ARE USING IT.

Let me ask you a question. What do you do when you have the urge to pee or poo when you’re in public places and you’d not exactly wearing adult diapers? I think you’d do what I usually do; find the nearest public toilet, pay the for the entrance fee and relieve yourself. That’s the most sensible thing to do, isn’t it? You search for public toilet for instant relief.

But what if instant relief is not exactly what you get when you stepped into the public toilet? What if instead of feeling relieved, you get much more uncomfortable and annoyed?

Imagine this… you desperately need to relieve yourself, but when you go inside the toilet, there’s only one stall available and it’s occupied. You wait and wait and wait only to wait even more because the person inside seems to have rocks for poo?

Well, to me it is fine if the person inside is having constipation and having difficulties passing motion, but what if the person inside is not actually using the toilet for whatever relieving purposes that public toilet is designed for? What if the person inside is merely sitting on the damn toilet bowl and yakking on the phone and refused to come out even after you knocked on the door repeatedly and ask the person inside to come out faster? Instead of coming out, the person inside tell you she’s ‘busy’ talking on the phone and tells you to wait until she’s done. Busy indeed. Busy not doing her ‘business’-poo-ing, pee-ing or whatever, but busy talking on the phone.

Good Lord! I hate it when such thing happened. I can actually forgive it if the person desperately need to use the toilet and really is relieving herself, but the act of hogging the toilet stall just so that she could have the pleasure of yakking on the phone with absolute privacy is unforgivable!

Seriously, if you want to have some conversation with your boyfriend and whatnot, would you please…. please… kindly get out of the toilet stall so that someone else can make use of the toilet… actually use the toilet for what it’s actually designed for; for relieving yourself.

I don’t care if you’re a snot of a teenage girl who will get into trouble with your mummy and daddy for conversing with your boyfriend in their presence or whatever… hogging the toilet solely for such purpose is definitely obnoxious and extremely inconsiderate.

The act of hogging the toilet just to talk on the phone is disgusting. And telling people off so that you can stay longer in the toilet to use it to talk on the phone is even more disgusting. It is not only inconsiderate, but very cruel. How could you even take pleasure at someone else’s inconvenience? If you’re really not using it…or does not have the urge to really use the toilet… please…come out and let the one who really need to use the toilet use the toilet instead.

Okay… so maybe the person who is hogging the toilet tells you off and tell you that she’s ‘busy’ doing her business and tells you to find another unoccupied toilet.

I was desperate and I think I would have definitely done what she have suggested if the only other toilet that’s available is within the vicinity.

Too bad my only chance at relieving myself is the one that she’s occupying, and she’s refusing to cooperate and giving nonsense of excuse so that she could stay in the toilet longer and talk to her goddamn boyfriend~! 🙁

So well, you’ll excuse me if I knocked on the door and demands her to come out now, wouldn’t you?

Cleffairy: Some people are very inconsiderate towards others. My only hope is that someday, somehow, someone will teach them a lesson that they won’t soon forget!



  1. smallkucing says:

    That was wat happen in Flaming la…GRrr….long queue outside the toilet and the teen girl just kept chatting in her phone while inside. Knock the door also no response

  2. suituapui says:

    No need to talk about the public toilets. No need to talk about the students’ toilets. Just look at the staff toilets in my school before.

    Some would SQUAT on the SEAT toilets…and their durian dodol would get stuck to the side at the back…and they did not bother to remove it and clean up.

    Some would blow their nose…and the cendol got stuck to the side of the sink and they just left it there…and as the chairman of the staff welfare committee, I heard a LOT of horror stories about the VAMPIRE TEABAGS…and these were NOT any members of the public, mind you! These were TEACHERS!!! I would scold them at meetings and nothing ever changed…

  3. suituapui says:

    …but talking in the toilet? Go to the next cubicle and fart and shit…and let’s see if she can tahan the smell or not! Eat petai first even better! LOL!!!

  4. Gratitude says:

    Easy remedy wor fairy…. I would knock on the door if I think they are hogging the toilet. It usually works to get them out in a jiffy. If that doesnt work, knock harder! hehe

  5. MRC says:

    Some people are very inconsiderate towards others. My only hope is that someday, somehow, someone will teach them a lesson that they won’t soon forget!

    One word : Aaaaa-MEN!

  6. Christopher says:

    Each time when me and my wife go to toilets together in shopping centres…i came out in less than 5 mins while she’s like waiting for ages. Wondering what are they doing inside… hehehe…

  7. cheeyee says:

    Yeah some people are very inconsiderate. They only think of their own convenient and ignore other people’s need. But then if same scenario happen to them, I’m sure they will be scolding like mad cow forgetting they also do the same thing to others.

  8. claire says:

    hey, on the phone inside the toilet?? serious ah?? when it comes to public toilet, i dread going in.. unless it is a 6 stars toilet.. hahaha.. somemore want to yak inside the toilet cubicle?? yucks!

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