Hindustan Movies and I

Work is getting too much for me these days. The piling of projects is unavoidable, given the predicament I’m in right at the moment. A lot of things are cropping up at once, and some extra cash would be handy right at the moment.

Anyway, knowing that stress will do me no good, I would take a few hours break daily to watch some movies, just to unwind and clear my head. These days, I’m into Bollywood movies…Hindustan movies…Hindi movies… whatever you may wish to call it.

I find those movies very intriguing, and I think some of them really worth a mention or two. But I won’t be reviewing them here… cuz I’m still watching tonnes of them. (Apparently, I’m having Bollywood fever this week…last week was Regency romance movies… I watched adaptations of Jane Austen books til my eyes grew red >.<)

They’re beautiful… brilliantly done and most, are intriguing. They made me think of my own writing; not to say that my writings are beautiful, but some are full of contradictions.

You see… I have wonderful friends… bookworm friends like Mamarazzi and Littlemermy to beta-read my books before they are published. Usually I would give them an ARC or a digital ARC for review purposes. I allowed them to read my work before they’re published because they always give me honest opinions. And I love it to bits.

Mamarazzi recently commented on one of my work, ‘Change of Plans’. She said that I ought to have to explain about the feelings of the main male protagonist and one of the characters. She said, I ought to have explained why the man fell in love with the woman. She said, and I quote ” Not logical if he fell in love with her just for sex.”

Littlemermy on the other hand was not satisfied on why I did not make the main male character more heroic and she wonders why my female characters seems to be stronger than the male characters despite the fact that the story is set in medieval times.

Mamarazzi was right. And Littlemermy was right too.

I ought to briefly delve into the issue a little bit. But what both of them said makes me think and reflect; that sometimes, life itself is not logical too. And in response to Littlemermy’s complains about why the men are not exactly heroic and overly macho…well, let’s just say that in truth, men…are not always heroic, and I reflect that in the story.

Life, as I said… is not very logic. At least my life is not very logic. My life is…not exactly ordinary, just like the Hindustan movies I’ve been watching.

My life, like the Hindustan movies… is full of not only love and melodrama, but also lies, deceit, betrayal, evil monsters and wicked witches in the form of… uh…you know… ahemm… ‘outlaws’…. and many more. My life is not all dancing and singing. Thinking back…alot of things in my life are not logical and like those Hindustan movies that I’ve been watching, is full of contradictions too.

Sometimes… I do wonder if I’ll survive being in a Hindustan movie… o.O For what it’s worth, living my life is much more difficult than rectifying mistakes, grammatical errors as well as contradictions in my novels. You see… I have lotsa help with my novel… I have proof-readers to point out what I’ve missed and I can use spell-checker to help me with the errors in my novels, but in life, who would help me point out about the mistake that I’ll make when I couldn’t see properly and when I have poor judgment? I suppose nobody would, and I have to learn from my mistakes when it happened.

Cleffairy: Is watching कुछ ना कहो and हम दिल दे चुके सनम. Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.

(Dear God, please let the Holy Spirit guide me and protect me from anymore mistakes and make me learn from my mistakes…I’m just a human and therefore I am weak and I do not have sharp eyes.)


  1. MRC says:

    कुछ ना कहो and हम दिल दे चुके सनम. =lol

    I imagine you dance to hindustan movie dance – I knew of malay colleagues that like hindustan movie particularly because of the dance

    Ok have a nice weekend & blessed sunday

    • Cleffairy says:

      Well… used to sing and dance to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai tunes during my school days…. but not anymore. These days can barely tolerate the singing and dancing… and would fast forward most of the time. LOL…. I will review some of the Hindi movies I watched soon…very nice. 😀

  2. claire says:

    hey Cleff..since u r on hindustani movies, try watching The Three Idiots! Nice show as recommended by my Andy… he watched it few times!

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