Q&A On Why I Raise My Child The Way I Do

Someone asked me yesterday…why instead of pushing my kid academically the way other parents are doing…I encourage him to cook, handle animals and do photography shoots instead? That someone seems to think that I’m not doing things the right way.

Well, I’ve posted my answer on Facebook as I was pretty annoyed that people are being cynical and skeptical of what I’m doing although the business of raising my child is mine and mine alone, but still…I’d like you people to know my answer. But since most of you readers are not my friends on Facebook, so here’s my answer, in case any of you decided to meddle in my business again:

1. My child has autism. He is different and socially challenged. His verbal skills is awfully limited and his academic development is not like other children his age. He doesn’t thrive on paperwork, but hands on. So I give him as much exposure as I can. I made a mistake by keeping him just in the house during the first few years in his life just because I was afraid of people’s opinion about him and my parenting skills. No more stupid mistake like this. Some people are dumb and impossible to educateĀ  anyway and they have no idea how it is like to be a primary caregiver to an autistic child until they are in the same shoes. I’m giving my child the world. Not keep him in a damn house like I use to. Enough hiding. Enough being in the closet. ENOUGH!

2. Instead of just excelling the papers…I want to prepare him for the real world. Life skills is important. I won’t be around forever. I will die someday. When I do, who the hell is going to look after him? Family? Relatives? Friends? Geez…I bet my arse that they will be the first to run away from this ‘spoiled and retarded’ child before I even get cold in my grave. They would probably just throw him in the nuthouse when I’m no longer around…so good survival skills is essentially needed.

3. Cooking teaches him patience. And so does photography. He have photographic memory. It sharpens his mind and concentration. These give him sense of accomplishment and boost his confidence.

4. Handling animals teaches him to be human and compassionate. I don’t want him to be like any other loud, rude and rough brats people are breeding these days.

5. Other parents may just want their kids to get good grades in school and get a good job when they graduate. I don’t want that. I don’t want just a job but a career for my son…so I’ll do whatever I can to give him a head-start so that he can be an accomplished and recognized person nationwide.

Cleffairy: How I raise my child is nobody’s business but mine and mine alone.


  1. Christopher says:

    Yes, totally agreed with you. All children should be taught like this too, and not just focus on academic excellence. Even I myself also drawn in to academic excellence, thanks to peer pressures. I will try to improve his eq and one of the ways I did now is to let him attend church school. I thought of bringing to some sports coaching too.

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