Quick Quick Slow Cooking

Been feeling awfully lazy these days and not really up to cooking anything elaborate. Blame it on the awful weather. The stress. The piling workload. The hormones.Tsk. Adult world is a difficult place to live in. Too much things to handle and too much expectations.

Regardless… I still need to take care of myself. Still need to refuel every now and then even if I don’t feel like it.

So I make a point to cook something simple whenever hunger strike. Something like these, just to calm the growling tummy:


Piping hot rice served with cabbage sauteed with chopped garlic and soy sauce and crabstick omelet.


And if hunger strike again in the middle of the night while I’m writing, hotdogs, chic dimsum and crab sticks will go into the steamer and voila! My very own ‘dim sum’ meal.

This is what I usually do when I’m not really in the mood for cooking, considering that I’ve kinda banned instant noodles in my house. Instant noodles is a no no now.

So…what do you usually do when hunger strike? Do you cook something simple or just call for delivery?


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