Raya Holiday in A Pig Sty

Pardon the vulgar words, but that is exactly how I feel living in the new place. Like in a pig sty.


The bloody sh*t of heavy stuff is still in living room, the TV is still playing dead on the freaking floor, the Screamyx is not yet installed, the kitchen is still not functional even after a week, the toilet constantly flooded and not flushable, the water heater is faulty and the landlady’s faulty furnitures is still not disposed.

I’ve gotten really pissed and contacted the agent to resolve the issue. Told the b*tch to get the toilet fixed and get the landlady to get rid of the furnitures instead of putting those stuff here and treat the place like her storeroom and the end what did I get?

My too kind and generous husband told me that the agent called him instead because of my lengthy sms and that whiny b*tch of the agent dare not deal with me because of the lengthy sms. Bloody b*tch. How dare you try to justify yourself by going around and whining about my complaints to my husband?Are you trying to wash your hands off the problems by complaining to that kind husband of mine?

All I want to say right at the moment is: Watch yourself before going around complaining about my complaints, B*tch, or I WILL make sure that your name will be rotten in the real estate industry! It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the unit that you handed out is in good condition, not the other way around, and don’t expect me to keep blind eye to it, especially when the ‘merchandise’ that you handed out is overpriced from the market value!

Cleffairy : My life is just too wonderful. And I swear if these are not resolved soon, I’ll just pack my bags and camp in my parents’ place! Haven’t gone back in years and I’m sure they will be more than glad to have me! As they say, can’t solve it, just get the hell out of it until someone else solve it! GRRR! Why the f8ck should I deal with this? It is not even my fault to begin with.


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