Real Bastards!

The article below was taken from The Star Malaysia 28th July 2008

PETALING JAYA: An armed robber apologised profusely for robbing a children’s home, and then made his getaway with two accomplices in the home’s brand new van.

Without their only mode of transportation, the administrators of Rumah Kasih in SS3 here were frantically calling friends and well-wishers yesterday to help ferry their 16 female charges to school, tuition and for other errands.

“This upsets our routine tremendously. Worse, the robbers shattered our sense of security. The girls no longer feel safe and are fearful of being attacked again,” said Rumah Kasih founding member and spokesperson Peter Anthony Das.

The three robbers, in their 20s and armed with parangs, had climbed over the closed automatic gate at 6.50am. The main grille was closed but not locked because house caretaker G. Rani had wanted to air the floor mat in the garden.

The robbers rushed into the home. One grabbed a child, Samantha, 12, and put a parang to her neck, telling her to be quiet.

Another rushed to Rani, 46, and demanded money, threatening to kill her if she made any noise.

“I was in the kitchen. Samantha was in the hall. The other children were sleeping in the rooms. The third robber began searching around the house for valuables,” Rani recalled.

“I pleaded with them not to harm the children, saying this was a home for underprivileged girls and that we did not have money.”

The agitated robber then swung his parang at Rani’s neck. She blocked it with her left hand and suffered cuts. The robber then snatched the wedding thali around her neck and also took a gold pendant.

Rani and Samantha were later shoved from room to room as the robbers continued their search for valuables. Some of the children awakened by the commotion hid under the beds.

Finding nothing, the robbers decided to steal the 14-seater van donated by another founding member, Benedict Raju.

“One robber repeatedly said sorry before the three escaped in the van,” said Rani.

Das said the house administrators would have to depend on the goodwill of well-wishers to provide transport for the girls. Those wishing to help, can contact Das at 012-213 4468.


Now these are real bloody bastard. How could they rob from those helpless children? That’s inhumane. Honestly, I can’t believe even robbers would step so low as to rob from poor children. This article really got me thinking. First it’s a restaurant being robbed of the food that they’re supposed to sell. Then it’s the children home/orphanage. What’s next? Robbing from the poor and helpless old people in the old folks homes? God, when will this nonsense stop?

I guess I can answer my own question. These nonsense will not stop, at least not with the current state of economy where our money value seems to go way, way down. Not to mention that working opportunities are hard to come by as well these days. There are more people getting retrenched and fired than people who are getting a decent pay job and salary increament. People are struglling to earn a living and feed themselve that standard of living is no longer a priority. Surviving is.

I dare to speculate that such crime will continue to happen as long as the economy is not benefitting the lower and the middle income people. What else are they supposed to do when their money is not enough to feed themselves, what more to feed hungry mouth at home? Surely the temptation to rob or steal is too much to resist.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that robbing in the time of need is justified. Robbing and stealing cannot be justified, no matter what is the reason of the action. But honestly, I would prefer these robbers make an effort to rob some rich ass house who owns a few cars for a vehicle rather than robbing from the children who only have one van to shuffle them around.


  1. cleffairy says:

    Haha….I had wanted to write about the news of a small restaurant being robbed of fried chicken, curry and rice and other goods, but that was in BM, and i am too lazy to translate it. Now that’s what i call desperate, rob food to feed themselves. LOL.

    I really shudder to think that one day, there’ll be people who will rob those poor helpless old man and woman in old folks homes. Imagine how traumatized they will be. Being old and sick, heart attack and stroke comes easy, you know.

  2. warrior2 says:

    This kind of act is normally an act of oppurtunity. They must have observed the place and found out it is so easy to commit the act there. Basically no male adults all the times maybe, the door and the grill are not locked most of the times etcetc.

    Well you wont find it so easy in a rich man`s house comparatively because the nature of it being a private dwelling like our own private house. We lock our gate, we lock our doors and grille ALL the times. Some of us have security alram system and some have gurkhas manning our property 24 hours a day.

    Why go thru all the trouble and the high risk when these thiefs and robbers can also get some loots from another dwelling with so little risk and problem?

    These are ass jerks and have no emotions or feel remorse. They dont have any care from whom they take.

  3. chit says:

    yeah, i read this too! it’s sickening to note that our country is heading towards the dump in terms of security and quality of life, not to mention cost of living. on saturday i met a new client who was about to move into a new condo he hastily purchased because the moment her daughter reversed her new honda out of her rented apartement, she was abducted and taken for a ride till PD and withdrew quite a sum and asked for a ransom, the car was taken away for sure. if only the gov pay more attention to the policies which benefits no one except diverting into their own pockets, malaysia is heading no where but a caucus which consists of third world countries like negeria, sudan, congo, burma. by then vietnam, laos, sri lanka etc will b so way ahead of us in terms of facilities and first world mentality. and all they (our goofmen) thought is that to b a first world country, we must hv big and great buildings like putrajaya. sigh.

  4. says:

    Chit, these people normally prey at newly built condos as the security normally is crappy. More so when there are only a few units that is being occupied. Leaving the house alone at night and early morning especially is dangerous esp now that our police are scouring for one man’s DNA.

  5. chit says:

    clarification; client hastily purchased a new condo at a hi-end gated development because of this incident. moved out his daughters quite immediately from the ‘old’ apartment in kelana jaya they rented after the incident. they r sarawakians.

  6. cleffairy says:

    Dammit, so many work to do today. No time to curi tulang for a cuppa tea and talk over here. LMAO.

    LOL… uncle warrior. it’s been quite a while since your lengthy comment. Hope you’re doing well in real life over there. I think you could be right about that. Either they are desperate or they are opportunist, robbing the poor children of their vehicle. Such inhumane and heartless act to even take a parang and threatened a child with it. I’ve noticed tis too. Most orphanage does not have a male over there most of the time. Most of the caregivers are usually female, tending to these children, as most of the men usually moves around doing fund raising activities, etc. It’s quite hard to have an orphanage completely secure, as they probably lack fund to hire a security guard as well as having a grill installed.

    Chit, the crime rate is raising because people are getting more and more desperate. Let’s not forget that these crime may also not be done by Malaysians, but illegal immigrants or foreigners. There’ s not much thing we can do, really, since both, the government and police doesn’t seems to do their work effectively anymore. But then again, since when they do their job effectively to begin with? LOL

    LOL, Kevin, scouring for one man’s DNA. You mean Anwar’s? Anyway, you’re right about newly built condos being poorly secure. But, let’s not limit it to just newly built condos. New ones are also poorly secure. unless you’re living in a very luxurious place, you can see security guards nodding off most of the time. Take it from me. The security guard at the place i live can be seen drooling at night. I used to be the Resident Committee member at my place, and I got sick throwing profanities at the management for choosing such guards. 😛

  7. fran says:

    aiya the world is full of bastards 1 la. Still rmb got 1 austrian dad raped his daughter for decades + rape his daughter’s kids… -_-

  8. Calvin says:

    what the hell is wrong with people nowadays. clef, like you said it, they shld have robbed some rich ass baggers or politicians. the govt shld revive the rukun tetangga system like the ol days. there fewer cases of house robbery then. and yes, they govt baggers should also look into increasing the rakyats’ pockets instead of theirs. but are they looking into it. no! kevin said it all….the police is looking for anwar’s bloody sperms. i have a friend in bukit aman. and he informed me that the whole police force including their own internal affairs were instructed to assist on the case. these are all shitteries….*is there such a word* lol

  9. cleffairy says:

    That’s what i would prefer. Rob those rich asses la. They can afford to loose money, but not those people who are already poor. Rukun tetangga? I dunno lah. These days people tend to mind their own business. A few month ago, my neighbour’s house was broken in, and we can’t even inform them because they hardly even talk to us and we don”t have their number. Everyone’s face these days got one mark on the forehead saying “MYOB”

    Wah…really arr… They’re not joking when they said they want Anwar’s DNA! 😛

  10. cleffairy says:

    lol… fran… i got my hubby fix it for me last nite….but looks like will need to change hard disk soon. damn. I’m using another pc temporarily, so can’t maple lah, this one. So boring. Last night talk until so ‘heated’ den suddenly get cut off. I’ll be online on msn though….find me there. 😛

    No wonder every time i login maple i get kicked out… the hard disk gone cuckoo liao. 🙁

  11. fran says:

    awww Man i dont turn on my msn when im gamin 🙁 so ill see ya arnd in msn ^^ Maple’s too lag for me to do anything

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