Hunger Knows No Barrier

While some of us seems to be oblivious to the suffering around us and continue to live a life of a top bitch, going around enjoying all the luxury life could possibly offer, there are people who are homeless, and starving on the street. While others enjoy good food, good wine and good companion and probably shop til they drop for clothing, the homeless have nothing that they could actually call their own. And instead of being symphatized by today’s youth, they are being shunned. Sad, isn’t it? What is becoming of the youth these days? I shudder to think that the future of our nation is in the hands of oblivious youngsters who lusts after power and material posesssions.

My encounter with the homeless lady I mentioned in my previous post, is truly an eye opener to me, and I daresay two or three meals a day for them is a luxury. Here’s another programme similar to ‘Feed The Needy’ as I mention in the previous post. It’s called Kechara Soup Kitchen, aimed to feed the homeless and the needy around Kuala Lumpur(Pudu Raya, Pudu Market and Chow Kit Road) every Saturday regardless of race and religion. For a long term effort to eradicate the rate of homelessness and poverty, Kechara Soup Kitchen is making an effort to build a nurturing centre to take in homeless people and provide them with education and training so that they could be employed and slowly build their life and once again enter the society as independent individual.

So, people, if you can afford to enjoy the luxury of life, I am sure you could spare your time, money or effort to help the needy and the homeless. I’m tied with commitments during weekends, but I think I can squeeze in some time for Kechara Soup Kitchen starting from first or second weeken in August. How about you guys? Care to join me? If you can’t make an effort to help, I’m sure you guys can spare a penny or two or some clean old clothing for the needy.

Let us show some sense of humanity in this desperate time. Let’s work together to ease other’s suffering. To me, doing charity is a form of soul-searching. It brings you down to earth to face the harsh reality of life, and humbling at the same time. I’m sure most will feel the same way too as being close to the disadvantaged on the streets shows that the world is not made of beautiful paintings and bed of roses. 

Kechara Food Kitchen is a registered charity body (0926-08-SEL), and for those who are interested to help, volunteer or donate, here’s some info about them:

To volunteer, please contact Anna Tan at 012 614 0861

To offer monetary contributions, please contact Ruby at 012 203 3373

To offer medical aid, please contact Pete at 012 705 9022

To offer food and other material goods, please contact Bob at 012 201 1836

For other enquiries, please email [email protected]

or visit their website at

Cleffairy: Since the government is now too busy politicking to eradicate poverty, I guess it’s up to us, the citizens to extend helping hands to the needy who truly feels the impact of inflation and the current state of economy.



  1. Calvin says:

    hiya cleffairy…..good blog. i’ve always wanted to help. almost every month, my mom and I would go thru our old clothings and give away at a centre in Kuantan (it’s not that we have clothes to give every month..:) we wont be able to help by monetary means as we ourselves are struggling to provide for ourselves. as christians I always find it fulfilling to pray for those in need. there may be some who says that ….sembahyang tak guna, kena bagi duit. there were countless occasions that the money we contribute, does not channel to the correct institution/person. wat the govt is doing now to eradicate poverty is not sufficient. they only give away stuff during festivals, for promotional purposes only. that is very very sad. just like warrior2 mentioned, i will do it in my own small way.

  2. cleffairy says:

    Hello calvin. Thank you for visiting and commenting here. I’m not categorized in the religious type of people, but then again, I always believe that life is a cycle. We’ll never know when we’ll be in the poor people’s shoes. So i try to do good deeds in my own little way and who knows next time they will help me back in return.

    LOL… like you, I can’t afford to hand over my cash or cheque to the poor too, because I’m an average person, like a lot of us out there so i hope efforts to share my knowledge with the poor would be sufficient. You know, it’s so heartwarming to hear that you and your mom make an effort to sort out old clothing to give to the poor. Keep it up! let’s all continue to help out in our own very little way.:-D

    Actually, i very anti those people who just ‘bagi duit’ on occasion, like raya or CNY or deepavali. It’s more to publicity to me. If they really want to help, why wait for festivals only hand out those monetary help? All year through cannot give arh? And why must they need the press to cover their news when they are doing charity?

    The government? Yuck, don’t talk about them lah. What do they know about eradicating poverty? They are busy politicking and lusts after power and wealth. If they truly want to help the poor, the would make education more accessible for the poor so that they can be brought out of poverty. Not only education, they should also create more job working opportunity, which I can’t see much at the moment.

    I know they are so many kind hearts who are willing to help out there but it irks me to no end when I see people who are oblivious towards other people’s sufferings. And sad to say, those people are the youth who are supposed to be our nation’s leader soon. What it is to become of our country if the young generation today lacks of awareness on what’s going on in our country? *sigh*

  3. cleffairy says:

    OMG, OMG….Fran!!! Hahaha, I missed you so much lah. 😛

    How’s school? Aihh… I got login on maple the other day, but when i said hi, tht feller said it’s not you. 🙁

    LOL… will do. I’ll login msn and see if i can catch u sometimes. OMG, miss you heaps!

    Ps: I’ve been busy like hell these days. Seriously need to take a break!

  4. KevinP says:

    Clef, diff ppl contribute in different ways. In my case, I foster 2 kids from a kids shelter home for a weekend every month. Kinda give them love and care that they never had. Its a good tool to educate my kids as well as to how blessed they are for the little luxuries that they experience. Hence explains my “disappearance” on weekends on the “blog scene” But you are doing a good cause and continue doing it. The world can be better if more contribute their time.

  5. Calvin says:

    KevinP : Yup, that’s an excellent way. Thought of doing it myself but too occupied with church activities during the weekend….cheers and God bless.

  6. KevinP says:

    Calvin… me too… sometimes church activities are pretty “inward looking”. These are activities “for us” Well, maybe with family my “priorities” have changed.. LOL.

    Sadly many abuse the church and its people… for me I have been involved with the kids since I was a young working adult and I have seen many from the homes turn out to be decent adults and it is just picking up as they come back to serve in the homes. Its heartening as well as heart rendering.

    I think we can all contribute in our own small ways, may not be time but money.. may not be money but genuine acts of compassion… to give hope to the ones with less hope… hehehe.. Cleffy’s blog seem to turn into a beacon of hope blog.. while mine rants on all thats gone wrong in our country.. how negative.. LOL.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Wow, Kevin…that is so kind of you and ur missus to foster them for the weekend. LOL… I agree with you about teaching your kids to be grateful and thankful for what they have. this is certainly a good method. 😛

    Calvin, I’m sure the church have their own charity activities too. 😀
    In the times of needs, it’s love, faith and hope that we cling to. And come to think of it, it’s the time of need and disaster that brings out the best of humanity.

  8. fran says:

    aiya .. must be my friend la haha , liz i wont online nights on weekdays accept for friday till erm my exams over (: *ps i have a SUPER long holiday * DO login maple n msn ok (:

  9. KevinP says:

    Its quite fun really… sometimes you get stares when you walk with 2 yellow skin kids and 2 darker skin kids and they run around you like your own… normally take them for a movie, dote them with some ice-cream and some good meals…

    To these kids, McD is heaven sent… its nice to watch them as the smiles on their faces gives you the satisfaction that money cant buy. As I said, its also an education for my own kids.. a very subtle way to teach them to treasure what they have. Effective I tell you… Been doing this for 2 years now… since my kids can sort of take care of themselves…

  10. cleffairy says:

    LOL… fran. i lack time these days. Last night i went in to look for you, but your papa told me that you log off oredi. I’ll try to catch u on maple or msn when i can. Miss ya heaps la, Fran.

    Kevin, there’s nothing wrong with that. Now i am so touch that i tink i’m gonna cry. *sobBs* Your kids are so lucky to have you as their dad. You teach them one thing that most parents neglect to teach these days: Act of gratefulness and compassion. These days most parents are so kiasu that they keep on drilling the importance of academical achievement that they forget to shape their kids to be more ‘human’.

    On my blog becoming some sort of beacon of hope, I wouldn’t speak too soon. Whahaha. I’m just taking a break from our sickening Malaysian politic. They kinda disgust me with their conspiracy, lack of transparency as well as FLIP FLOPPING. Did you hear? Heard there’s a medical report that state that Anwar’s banana did not visit Saiful’s ass!

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