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Not sure how everyone else in Malaysia is coping with the terribly hot weather, but I am not exactly doing well. I’ve been feeling terribly under the weather for the past one month. High fever, nasty bouts of migraine, you name it. I have no mood for almost everything, especially cooking for the family.

Call me lazy, but there is no way I want to subject myself to slaving around in the kitchen drenched in my own sweat while cooking. It’s already hot as it is and spending time to cook more than I spend time to eat is definitely not appealing at all. I now avoided the kitchen like a plague. Thank God my husband and son are not the fussy and picky kind and they don’t mind eating out or ordering food delivery, or I would be getting an earful from them for being so lazy.

There’s a lot of advantage to eating out. It’s fuss free and you can totally enjoy the food without having to clean up afterwards. To me, the only disadvantage to eating out or ordering food delivery is that it can cost quite a bomb, but lucky me, Malaysia discounted restaurant deals can be found in quite a lot of websites and there is plenty of food delivery deals that will allow you to get your food at your place with just a few clicks.

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One of the most reliable website that I frequent for good deals while shopping online is This website offers voucher codes for you to use and allow you to save money daily by just using the codes obtained at the website during checkouts.

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There’s plenty of categories that is offering you vouchers to use ranging from household appliances to travel and of course, dining.

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The best part of it all is that not only the merchants are the well known ones like Groupon, Foodpanda, Ensogo and whatnot, but by using the vouchers from this website you can sometimes save up to 90% off your total bills. Great, isn’t it? So fo check it out and start saving your Ringgits.

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