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This is not a paid post, but rather, something I would love to share with all of you out there since I’ve been talking about KAFT-1 and their products these days. I believe it’s only justified that I let you folks know whether their products is good or not, since I have been talking so much about KAFT-1 these days. 😀

I may sound vain, but I’ve come to realize that I am not growing any younger, and before I knew it,I would be going around looking like an old, frail grandmother if I didn’t take care of myself.

It’s not that I mind aging. After all, I do believe in aging gracefully. But, I hate to think that with aging, there are things that will be taken away from me. I don’t want to be turned into a shrew while I can preserve and hold onto my youth a little bit longer. I am 25, going on 26. I should start taking care of myself now, before I started to look way into my 30s and my 40s.

Men are visual creature, you see. Sometimes, they do prefer beauty to brains. Don’t you men dare to deny this. How many of you could actually resist from falling into the charms of those sweet little things who bares more flesh than they should? How many of you could actually resist?

I’ve seen many of those visual creature, and hence, being a married woman, a little bit of brain and beauty wouldn’t do any harm. Besides, married women should not neglect their beauty just because they’re married with children. Beauty and brain combine ought to keep men in their place where they belong: With their wife and their kids, not on the office table, or in even in the car, making out with some…some females who sells their body and dignity for a living or for the sheer fun of wrecking someone’s marriage!

Since I couldn’t afford expensive skincare regime due to financial restriction, I start off with KAFT-1. They are quite affordable… and yes, rather effective as well.

Some of you have left a comment and asked me about both Kaft-1 Anti-Ageing Youthful Effect White O2 and Kaft-1 Perfect V-Shaper, and whether they are worth the money.

Read on. I will tell you whether they are worth the money or not.

Kaft-1 Anti-Ageing Youthful Effect White O2

I’ve tried this one. First, I cleansed my face thoroughly with my cleanser to scrub off all grimes and unseen particles on my face with for maximum effect. Then, I gently remove the mask from the pouch and placed the 3D mask on my face. After making sure that it’s covers my entire face, I left it on my face for about 25-30 minutes. Actually I’m supposed to leave it on on for just 15-20 minutes, but the mask feels so nice on my skin that it actually made me fall asleep. (Yes, the mask actually relaxes me).

Realizing that I’m not supposed to keep it too long on my face, I removed the mask from my face after  that, and wait for a about 1 minute or so for proper drying and maximum absorption. I rinsed off, and looked at myself in the mirror, and I was absolutely amazed that my skin actually looks way fresher. Not only that, my skin tone actually looks one tone fairer. The product is incredible. It works, even with just one usage, and I daresay with  constant usage, I might be able to look in my 20s for quite a long time after all.

Kaft-1 Perfect V-Shaper

Kaft-1 Perfect V-Shaper, a product that I had my eyes on from the very beginning. I practically ripped the foil open so that I could use it and see f they’re capable of performing miracles.

Before using this Kaft-1 Perfect V-Shaper, as usual, I washed my face thoroughly and cleansed it with my cleanser. It’s rule no 1 in the skincare world. Never ever use any mask or moisturizers without cleansing the face beforehand. Without cleansing, there would be no maximum effect.

Then, I took the mask and examined it properly to see whether it’s the right or left side. The mask is in the shape of half moon, you see, and I’m supposed to hang it on on of  my ear and stretch if on my jaw line and cheeks and hang it on another ear for the pulling and sculpturing effect.

I didn’t fall asleep while using this product, however, as there’s heating sensation on my jaws and cheeks while I was using it. I did not worry, though, as this product is a sculpturing/face shaper product. It is supposed to feel that way. If I didn’t felt that, I guess that is when I should worry because the product wouldn’t be effective and genuine.

Anyway, having removed the mask after about 40 minutes and dealing with the remaining extract, I looked into the mirror, and was rather impress that my skin not only feels a bit tighter, but it looks a bit refined too.

Apparently, the product does work wonder.

So where do we exactly get this product from? Well, elementary dear readers. You can get it online HERE on their website, and they’re making their debut in your nearest major pharmacy soon. If you’re a Facebook user, which I don’t doubt you are, I see there’s no harm in following them in their facebook page for updates as well.

Cleffairy: To be loved, you need to love yourself first.

Kaft-1 Anti-Ageing Youthful Effect White O2

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