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I bet most of you are probably pretty annoyed with me by now for putting too much advertisement and reviews up here in my blog while I’m away doing God knows what.

You must be wondering why do I start to write reviews or do paid post by now, cuz too much advertisement in one’s blog can get pretty annoying.

Well, you can be honest, because I am annoyed too when I go to blogs that puts up too much advertisement or popups.

Let me justify my course of action, though. I do it because I needed the money, not because I wanted to earn more so that I could have a lavish life.

Why do I need the money? Ahh, here comes the jackpot question. Well…cost of living are getting too high and these days, every single cents help. Plus, I wanted to save for my master programme. Yeah… you read it right. I want to go back studying, but I’m afraid, I’m quite insufficient of fund for I’m not quite qualified for either sponsorship or even scholarship. So, I suppose, this is one of my way to earn my ass for my Master.

You see… as of late, I’m bored shitless for all the nonsense that’s going on around me to the point that I think that it would do me good if I go back to study. Kinda sick seeing idiotic bimbos, you see. I need some intellectual boost and so, I went to a certain tertiary institution, and check out some thesis based Master programme.

Sounds preposterous? No… I think not. I think it’s almost time for me to upgrade my status from just a freelance to a student who is freelancing. And… what’s better way to motivate my kid to study than to be a student myself when he goes to primary school?

I think it’ll be better to motivate my brat to study by showing that I’m also studying rather than just force him to study. Plus…I won’t allow marriage stop me from pursuing my dreams and education. I can have the best of both world, so why not? I just have to believe in myself and make extra effort for it.

Gosh, I’m straying… back to why I do paid post these days. You see, folks, while I am married, I am not the spoiled and pampered kind who gets to do whatever I like, whenever I want, and get to buy stuff on whims just because I like it and wants it.

Geez…. I even forgot when was the last time I even receive a birthday present from any of my family members cuz some people tend to take me for granted; just because I am there or them all the time. Sometimes, I felt, even my friends are way better than my own family when it comes to spoiling and pampering me.They make a good job making me appreciated.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have such privileges of being spoiled rotten, and therefore, here I am, ‘prostituting’ my words for some extra cash. Well, at least I am just ‘prostituting’ my words, no? It’s way better than going around using my sex appeal to earn some extra cash like some people, no?

Don’t you guys dare say that I earned a lot from this, cuz the fact is, I don’t earn much, and the money that I ‘earned’ from these reviews are not credited directly into my savings account. I have to wait until certain amount to be able to cash it out. Yea… it works something like the damned Nuffnang or Adsense. You will have to wait til a certain amount is credited into your account before you can cash it out.( If you’re lucky enough, that is…they might not pay you and banned you before you even cash it out). So far…the amount inside my ads account haven’t even reach half the amount required. 🙁 One word: Fuck!

While writing and posting up ads, I promise that I will not mislead you folks by making you think that it’s not an advertisement. I’m not that kind of blogger. If it’s a paid entry, then I will write that it’s paid or sponsored. I won’t hide it, so that you folks have a choice on whether to waste your time to read on, or just skip it.

Some of you probably would leave comment and ask me how to make money online and stuff. Well… as someone very special to me shared with me how to make money via blogging, I won’t hide it from the world on how to make money by doing paid posts, after all, caring is sharing. I’ll share what I know with friends. I may sound bitchy at times, but I am not bitchy enough not to share what I know from my friends and try my best to hide the good stuff or even freebies that I get. I will share the source with you. You can count on it.

So… if any of you out there are already asking how/where do I get all these ads, it is here:

That’s one of the place that I get the ads, so, if you want, kindly look it up if you are interested to get ads for yourself to write. There’s instruction to follow over there. Look it up.

And why am I sharing all this with you when I can just keep quiet about it? Well… firstly, as I said, I am not a selfish person.

Those who knows me well could vouch for that though I often appear to be obnoxious most of the times. Many people misunderstood me cuz of the way I dressed up and the way I express myself, but then again, why should I give a damn on what brainless bimbos think, anyway?

And secondly… I know many of you out there are not exactly rich asses as well. I know most of you are also struggling to make ends meet, and so, I see no harm in sharing this little information with you. So… go and make your own extra cash if you want to. 😀

Cleffairy: Sharing good stuff with your friends is caring. I’m not sure if a lot of people are willing to share, these days, for many demonstrate selfishness openly in blog-o-sphere and thought people wouldn’t notice.Tsk tsk tsk…people notice, duh… what you think people are? Dumb bimbos?

ps: A special thanks to the lady who shared with me on how to earn money thru blogging. I am forever indebted to you. Thank you very much. I owe you heaps. If I earn a lot, big makan or a sodomized chicken is on me when you’re in KL. 😀


  1. suituapui says:

    Sounds like Claire’s blog name. Oooo…you’re doing your Masters? Good luck! I already have my MBA – Married But Available! Hehehehehe!!!!

    Gosh! Btw, I don’t have a basic degree even…so if I were a girl, I would be regarded as an idiotic bimbo? Nah! Some have a string of degrees to flaunt…but that doesn’t make them any less of a bimbo!

    • Cleffairy says:

      It is named after Claire’s blog name. LOL…Cuz I wanna thank Claire. She is the lady I mentioned. Never put link onli, cuz sked she paiseh.

      She taught me how to earn $$ while blogging. LOL…Hmm… not yet do… been thinking somewhere around next year. Now collecting $$ for it. I’ve been putting this off since my boy’s arrival. 🙁 Now I think it’s almost time to plan for it, cuz he’ll be in school soon, and I have nothing better to do. And I always think that to make your kid look up at you and be motivated in studies, is that you study yourself as well. Not just teach em…

      =.= Idiotic bimbos is referring to all gender lah, Cikgu. LOL…Hey, yes… many people have degrees and even phD to flaunt, yes…but some, really sure dun act like it. 🙁 No joke… encountered a few lately. *sigh* Giving me trouble at work. Damn. 🙁 Seriously, Cikgu…those who have no degree, diplomas and whatnot, sometimes are way smarter than those who have it. I find that sometimes, working with people who do not have any… are much more tolerable and they are much more humble. They accept criticism easily too. 😀

    • kathy says:

      That one memang sound like Claire. The nice and generous lady 🙂

      Cleff, go for the MBA. You are not too old for it. My Uncle who is 60+ and have a grandson got his MBA last year. Go for it!

      • Cleffairy says:

        LOL… Claire very nice lady, no? Like Mama liddat. 😛 Haihh, I really plan to go for it wan… money issue only. Perhaps next year this plan can jalan. LOL…

  2. mnhl says:

    Good….should always improve ourselves if we have the money and time. But studying for me? No NO…haha…working better. Cannot stand the stress during examination. Claire is really caring….^_^

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… I can take studying stress anytime than working stress and emotional stress. I must be an adrenaline junkie wan. LOL…

      Heheheheh… see, everyone agrees with me that she’s very caring. 😛

  3. Caroline says:

    haha i tot i see wrong title. lol claire’s pula. 🙂
    gud la, earn more money for ur master. hehe. me pula, going for degree soon. nice la u. 😀

  4. pete says:

    Hi Cleff, thks for sharing the website and info. Good to get a master degree. I also want to further my study as I love acquiring knowledge and share with people. Your decision is inspiring to me! Thks Cleff!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalah, Pete… I oso tink it’s good if can upgrade myself and move forward. I mean… kids and marriage shouldn’t stop us from pursuing our education. Life is about learning. Even my dad was still studying when he had me and my sister. LOL…

  5. June says:

    Cleffairy, be confident who you are.. just be yourself..
    Dont worry, get your ass move on.. just ignored those idiots ***winks**** Good luck ^^

  6. Cheeyee says:

    Blogging for money? Sigh how I wish. Limited time to update own blog post don’t talk about paid post.

    Ooh nice plan going back to study! I’m so envy!!!! I wish that I don’t have to worry about money and can do whatever I want. Anyway, this is life. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂

    • Cleffairy says:

      Whoa… you’re still busy with your project? OMg, non-stop wan, Cheeyee…:( You poor thing. I wanna go back to study, but then, there’s also many issue…:( money, especially. Haihhh…hopefully funds will be sufficient by the time I’m ready for it.

  7. CHVoon says:

    it is ok for me… i understand.

    i guess most of the bloggers want to eat more while blogging. same apply to me… but i cannot earn enough for one day meal as well.

    i agree with you a word – Fuck! (it is really hard to earn money from nuffnang or adverse) cause i am not popular as those people. so… just earn nut only.

    Master! maybe when i am 70 years old – nothing much thing to do… i will consider it.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Correct ma… really fuck lorr… it’s not easy to earn or cash out those money inside your adverts accounts and whatnot. 🙁 Very sien wan la… earn peanuts onli. 🙁

    • Cleffairy says:

      Kakakkakaka… tot silap eh? No la… the post is referring to Claire… wanna thank her for sharing stuff wif me. 😀 Ish, this woman, lazy like hell… move ur butt la!

  8. Mommy Ling says:

    Cleff, good luck in proceeding with ur study..i m sure you can do it! Along your way, i m sure there are many obstacles popping out but i know u r a strong lady and i m you can overcome it.

    Yes, Claire..she is avery generous lady. She shared a lot with me too..Thanks Claire!! We love you.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ya, ya, Claire is the best, is she not? Now… Hantu Bungkus… we puji puji her here, dono she will belanja us makan anot?

      LOL… I am strong because I have all of you to give me moral support. Without you all, I am nothing. 😀

  9. fatty oldman says:

    im outdated oldman thats y my blog so empty of advertisement…im been invited to write advertisement b4 but too lazy as nid to go kl attend seminar…

  10. claire says:

    sorry Cleff, baru tau i have been mentioned here.. yes, i paiseh.. i feel i dint help u much also.. hahaha. just telling u the websites, the rest is up to u.. hope can do more.. actually forgotten, if refer a member, can get some dough one.. but as it is, i forgotten all about the affiliates.. 🙂

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