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This is a paid review written by me on the behalf of Furniture All opinion are 100% mine, though.

Usually, I would have rejected paid posts that asked me to review furniture and whatnot cuz it’s not really related to my blog, but then again, I kinda fall in love with the items they featured, so, I thought, why not just review their stuff?

One of their items in particular, sofa bed caught my interest. I’m quite a couch potato, you see. So convertible sofa beds is really appealing to me. I can online and do my work while lazing on it, or even read til I fall asleep on it. I wonder if my husband would buy it for me for our upcoming anniversary in May? (I must be dreaming!)

I like this one in particular:

Doesn’t it look extremely comfortable and classy? It comes with seating cushion slightly raised on each end, beautiful black faux leather upholstery accented with chrome metal legs for durability and easy to operate mechanism which allows effortless conversion from sofa into a spacious bed. This one really caught my attention, and I can just imagine myself on it, relaxing and unwinding on it.

I bet this classy babe is not only suitable for love nests, but can be a welcome addition to bachelor pads as well. Don’t you agree? Anyway, I wonder how many of you out there owns a sofa bed. So far, I don’t have any yet. Care to share your experience using a sofa bed with me?

Anyway, dear readers, if you happen to visit the e-store, kindly check out their sectional sofa too. I believe you might just fall in love with their classy items over there.


  1. eugene says:

    Wa wa,,now you are really making dollar and cents from comfort of your living room, two paid posts in a row,,,,good for ya,, can teach me to make some money or not,,,i am idiotic about it,,,

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… pokai, den do paid entries lorr… else who feed me ah? πŸ™ Yalorr, the sofa so nice. I really want one leh. πŸ™ Can become a lazy bum over there. πŸ˜›

    • Cleffairy says:

      Eric… your turn is soon. *dies* Now I can’t really online…just come to reply comments. Btw, your turn is soon. My next schedule entry will tell you where I get the ads. Look it up when it’s up. Make your own $$, LOL…

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