Sheikh’s Redemption

Title:The Sheikh’s Redemption


Imprint: Harlequin Desire

Pub Date: June 05, 2012

ISBN: 9780373731787

Author: Olivia Gates

This book did not caught my attention in the beginning despite of the exotic plot and description. I’m not quite sure why, but that’s how I feel about this book. Perhaps the pace is too slow and I wish that there’s more action between the hero and the heroine in this story instead of just emotional ups and downs. I also feel that there’s missing pieces that I can’t really put a finger to, but i suppose this is because I haven’t read any other books in this series.

Nevertheless, the story picks up it’s pace afterwards and I suppose I can say that I absolutely love the alpha male Haidar. Great book to read if you’re looking for some exotic romance.

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars. I received an ARC of this book from Harlequin Publisher via Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review for this book, and I was not compensated in any ways for writing this.

Book description:

He would claim the throne. And her…

For Prince Haidar Aal Shalaan, taking the reins of a kingdom in chaos is a matter of honor. Not that his rivals to the throne would be defeated easily. And then there is Roxanne Gleeson, the one woman whose memory he cannot erase, the lover who once rejected him. Now she pretends a cold disdain for their once—and still—desperate passion. But he will not be denied either the throne of his motherl and or Roxanne back in his bed. One is his
birthright, the other his heart’s desire. And together they are…his redemption.

Desert Knights:
Troubled pasts, entwined destinies and a choice between power, brotherhood and love.


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