Simple Wheatbread Tuna Casserole Recipe

I’ve been feeling quite under the weather these days and been rather moody. Not quite in the mood for anything, but I still need to keep my tummy from growling at me. Did not really feel like wanna make anything complicated, I thought some comfort food that can be eaten whole day through would be a good idea.

Not feeling like making a trip to the wet market for groceries, I just use what’s left in the kitchen. Spotted some nearly stale wheatbread and canned food from last year’s rainy season and I thought it’s time to get rid of em.

Here’s sharing with you my very own Wheatbread Casserole recipe.


6 slices of stale wheatbread
3 eggs
1can of tuna flakes
1 can of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup

Here’s what you need to do:


Spread some butter on the bread and line them on the baking dish, buttered side up. Remove the crust if you want but I left it intact.


Spread tuna flakes on the bread slices as evenly as you could.


Pour the cream of chicken soup on evenly.


Whisk 3 eggs in a bowl and pour it evenly over the mixture of the bread, tuna flakes and chicken soup. Top with mozzarella or Parmesan cheese if you wish, but I omit cheese from my casserole this time around.


Bake in the oven til golden brown at 160’c for 45 minutes. Serve piping hot with a side of salad any time throughout the day.

Cleffairy: Hot and bothered. 🙁


  1. Chee Yee says:

    Looks good wor and simple too. Gonna go buy chicken soup and try this during weekend.

    How big is ur baking pan that you used?

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