Mydin Mart Market Hall Pudu

So, when I’m not traveling or writing, what do I usually do? Unlike most, as a freelance, my time is pretty much flexy and usually, if I’m free and in the mood, I’ll go shopping instead of rotting in my cave.

But shopping, especially for groceries is no longer fun these days as the price of goods are pointing to the sky. šŸ™ Well, we can all blame it on inflation.


Lucky for me though, there is still a few places I can shop for goods at a reasonable price. One of it is Mydin; a chain hypermarket that is well known in Malaysia for it’s competitive price. There’s a newly launched one in Market Hall, Pudu and I decided to check it out.
Located on the 3&4th floor of Market Hall Pudu, it is definitely a place for busy urbanites to shop.


Tight security spotted here in Mydin during the launching. Pictures are not allowed on normal days, mind you.


Shoppers shopping for groceries.


Paying for goods can be irritating, but there is plenty of counters to accommodate shoppers here in Mydin Mart Market Hall Pudu.


In conjunction of their launching, they are also offering a member privilege card. Registration costs RM5. And in return, you will get a member privilege card, some goodies and a RM5 voucher redeemable only at Mydin Mart Market Hall Pudu.


The Mydin Meriah card is usable in all Mydin outlet in Malaysia.

Goodies I got from Mydin during their launching. šŸ™‚

Overall, the shopping experience in Mydin is a pleasant one. But parking your vehicla could be a bit of a problem during peak hours, considering that it’s located at a very busy and strategic area.

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