So so Korean food

I’m not really into Korean food, and the only thing that I liked about Korean food is probably just the Kimchi and Dolsot Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice seved in a stoneware).

Initially I wanted to drag my husband to eat in Muar Restaurant in Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin when we went to Low Yat Plaza the other day as I’ve been craving for their food for quite some time now, but my husband’s friend suggested us to try out a Korean restaurant at the lower ground floor instead. And so, we went for this Korean food restaurant instead.

Don’t ask me the name of the restaurant. I’ve forgotten the name of the restaurant. =.= Boy, oh boy,I’ll never be a food blogger. I never bothered to remember any restaurant’s name, food name, pricing and whatnot. But then again, I’m not interested to be a food blogger. It’s not my type of thing though I do enjoy good food. You see, I’ve always feel that being in that line of blogging is rather… distasteful and restrictive. I always believe in eating in a stress-free environment where I pay for my food and give an honest opinion about it.

Let me tell you something about invited food reviews…some invited food reviews requires you to give positive review about their food, and you don’t always get paid for doing so. Yups, you don’t get paid. All you get is just eat for free and you don’t always get to eat til your tummy is full as sometimes, you’ll be sharing most of the food with other invited bloggers.

I don’t really like that kind of thing when it comes to food. I’m quite a picky and fussy eater…so yeah… not all food will agree with my tastebuds.

Neway, these are what we had that day. We ordered a set of food to be shared among ourselves and the bill came up to Rm50++ inclusive of green tea and soft drinks.



The side dishes came first. The usual… white radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi and sweetened anchovies. I love the kimchi though I must say they ought to ferment it a tad longer. It’s not spicy and sourish enough for me. The anchovies on the other hand, almost made me puke. Too sweet and chewy instead of crispy and have a really weird smell.


I don’t know what this dish is called. I did not touch it cuz there’s pork in it (I don’t take pork). I supposed it’s some kind of spicy ramen soup with assorted meat and vegetables in it. Not sure how it taste like, but if it tasted nice, my son would have probably gobbled up his share within minutes cuz he loves spicy Korean ramen. But he did not… so I suppose it wasn’t really that nice. (or his appetite has already been spoiled by a tub-full of Pringle Chips. LOL)


Korean rice cake. It was my first time trying the rice cakes. Looks a bit like our Malaysian pasembor isn’t it? It comes with loads of veggies, boiled egg and all. But it’s nothing like our pasembor, and I’m not really sure if I will eat this again. The rice cake tastes like plain chee cheong fan, but they are not soft. They are kinda hard and chewy. Would go for a plate of pasembor any day than this one. LOL.

Overall, it was an okay meal. Not really my kinda thing and I regret that I did not order a bowl of bibimbap to eat instead, but then again, it was the good companionship that I enjoyed. That’s all that mattered. good companionship.

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