Still so young and yet faking it…

I’ve been busy these few days, and I was denied the routine of sitting down and read the newspaper over my usual cuppa tea. So pardon the awkward timing of the comment on this particular news. Okay, this news was taken from The Star Malaysia, Wednesday 13 August 2008, entitling, The Singer Who Didn’t Sing.

For those who wondered what this is all about, this, people, is about the little girl, Lin Miaoke who starred in the Olympic Opening ceremony was miming her words while the real singer, the girl depicted in the bottom left of the picture, Yang Peiyi was shoved off in a corner because the Chinese authority who are in charge of the Olympic opening ceremony considered her ‘not pretty enough’ to be presented to the public.

It was revealed that the real singer, Yang Peiyi does not have stage fright or anything that could have prevented her from performing live in the ceremony, and yet they had chosen another girl who can barely sing without going off key to mime during the opening ceremony. This disgust me to no end. She had crooked teeth, a bit chubby and looking typically Chinese and in comparison to Lin Miaoke, she’s not so cute. But what gives the Chinese authority the rights to shove her in a little corner while a girl who was chosen purely because of her looks with no talents in singing or whatsoever to enjoy the limelight?

What exactly are they trying to tell the world? Are they trying to douse us with the cold reality that looks is actually VERY important that it is okay to fake it? Does the real singer look so monstrously ugly that they took away what is actually her rights? This is Olympic, for god sake. Olympic is all about talents, efforts and ability to compete, not about looks, and yet they ‘nailed’ it during the opening ceremony. I’m disappointed. So much about playing fair.

To me, this is an insult to my intelligence. To everyone’s intelligence, in fact. But then again, this does not only happen in China, does it? It happens everywhere in almost every industry, and every part of the world, only in different ways. God knows how many ‘singers’ who couldn’t sing a tune are enjoying the limelight just by lip syncing, and we’ll definitely have no idea how many ghost writers/painters it is out there while the ones with good looks or loaded with money and power enjoys the fame and strictly denies the ones who look ‘not so passable’ what is actually theirs.

Personally, I’m a bit worried for the girl who was thrown in the limelight because of her looks. They had somehow taught her that as long as she have good looks, it is all right not to be talented and enjoy whatever it is coming her way. I wonder what will become of her. She’s still so young and yet faking it already. If people do not change their ways and their perspective of ‘talents’, I shudder to think what will become of both girls…

Cleffairy: Human are created by God, and so, to me, saying another God’s creation is ugly and not good enough to be publicly displayed is an insult to God’s creation.


  1. peteformation says:

    Sadly, this is how society always behave and judge people by their looks, skin colour and status. This incident leave a very bad impression and the scar will take a long time to fade!

  2. cleffairy says:

    Yalorr, Pete…people tend to judge a book by it’s cover, and human by the looks. This incident actually gives very bad impression to the world itself since it happened during an Olympic event…the Chinese has yet to comment on this, and their media are keeping mum. πŸ™

    What irks me about this incident is it’s Olympic…what happened to talents and effort that comes first? Don’t tell me they just limited it to the sports, and not elsewhere? πŸ™

  3. Calvin says:

    i cannot help but blaming the china’s olympic committee and not the lil girl. children are usually naive and normally what we adults instruct, they would normally do. try asking her why she did it…my guess she would say, they ask me to do it mah…..heck even milli vanilli did it back in the 90s. we should not pressure a lil girl for a mistake the adults did.

  4. ShawnSharif says:

    Wow… what a shame.

    Your concluding remarks about God’s creation is so spot on. I mean, who are we really to judge?

    Goodness I am so mad I can hardly think coherently in giving my comment!

  5. cleffairy says:

    LOL, Calvin. I’m not blaming the lil girl for doing it. How old is she? She probably could not differentiate what is right and wrong. And like you said, if we were to ask her why she did it, she’ll be telling us that her ‘parents’ or ‘those people’ asked her to do it. The ones to be blame, yes, of course is the Olympic committee. To me, they shouldn’t do this… what kind of morale are they teaching kids? This is downright wrong. Personally, i couldn’t see anything wrong about letting the original singer sing. She’s not so cute, but so what? Olympic IS about TALENTS, isn’t it? It’s not that the original singer have stage fright or something. She’s obviously available on that very day. πŸ™

    Goku…I guess the world is not fair after all. But it’s sad to see when these things begin at a very tender age. I dunno what will become of these two girls if the world does not change their mindset where talents and looks MUST walk hand in hand.

    Shawn, yeah, who are we to judge, right? We do not create people, after all. We shouldn’t play God. πŸ˜›

  6. KevinP says:

    Ish…. sadly although God created all men equal, men, does not consider all men equal…. although it really is.. some longer.. some shorter.. some thicker some weenie… well, its the weekend peeps… lighten up!

  7. cleffairy says:

    James…walao… jie’s didi swear! LMAO… must be learn this from jie. Yalorr, jie also hope we can at least get silver in badminton. Gogo Lee Chong Wei!

    Kevin… good grief… I read your comment twice… hahaha… hmm… I know what you mean, not all equal…down there. But not only man, women also same… LOL. Different place only.

    Goku…God loves variety…that is why everyone is not the ‘same’? LOL. Aiya, now weekend, everyone is spending time with family, including me. So quiet today. I just got back from my usual weekend commitment, abit pissed today, cuz I realized a lot of youngsters today are whiny and ungrateful πŸ™

  8. roses says:

    all these judging by appearance thing will always be in the society. cannot just scrap it off. 2 persons with the same qualification, the better-looking one will of course be chosen. it’s bad yeah. but still it’s a society norm.
    however, for the Olympic society to do it under such a globally huge event is so not right and unhealthy.

  9. cleffairy says:

    Downright correct, Rose. though i know that it’s the society’s norm to do such thing, but it pissed me to no end because it’s Olympic… πŸ™ it’s supposed to be about talents and effort, not some catchy models or looking good stuff. πŸ™

    Welcome back from your graduation, by the way. I trust you had a blast?

  10. roses says:

    but to think in their shoes, now, we wouldnt want the whole world to think that majority of China people are ugly and below moderate-looking eh?! -___-
    graduation was blastful. but it was hot,baking under few layers of clothes.

  11. cleffairy says:

    Haha…. so it’s safe to conclude that your graduation was HAWT. LOL.

    Rose… but pity the girl with the real talent, don’t you think?

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