I swear to Thee…

Once upon a time, there lived a Prince who was was condemned to live in exile because he was too powerful and was considered a threat to a beautiful kingdom’s administration system and image. His name was Prince AnWar. He was condemn to live in exile on one reason, which is rumoured that he loves to lure men to his bed and play with their asshole. Now, this is a shame, because Princes are supposed to have women at their feet, not men taking off their pants for him to insert his banana in other people’s ass. Many doubt the rumour as many thought that it’s just a conspiracy against Prince AnWar, and it’s just something that the current King cooked up to get rid of Prince AnWar.

Many years has passed, the old King finally gave up his throne and went to live elsewhere. His successor, a two-faced sleepyhead known as King Oh La La finally ascend the throne. Much to the former king’s chagrin, his successor is a weakling, and to make things worst, never listen to the old king’s advice or opinion in how to rule a kingdom at all. Now, the old king was treated like a lowly creature by his successor. What become of the old king, not much people knew, but Prince AnWar became famous once again as after the old king had passed down his throne to his sucessor, he was released from his punishment and no longer lived in exile. King Oh La La had probably hoped that Prince AnWar would be on his side when he was released.

But boy, was he wrong. Prince AnWar was never on the new king’s side. Whatever he do, he go against the new king’s wishes. King Oh La La was not happy, and so was the rest of his people.

One day, there’s a competition in that country. The prize of the competition is a small state. King Oh La La and Prince AnWar both wanted that little state. King Oh La La is not happy because it seems that the judges in the competition favoured Prince AnWar more than him. And so, King Oh La La and all his supporters are willing to do anything to bring Prince AnWar to the pit of stench and get rid of him again once and for all. But they can’t seems to find anything wrong with Prince AnWar to bring him down.

But lady luck is on their side. A jester in Prince AnWar’s court, known as Sai Fool cried to the world that he was banged in the ass by Prince AnWar a few month before the competition, and the news has been going out for a while now. Sai Fool whimpered like a fool he is and told the world what Prince AnWar did to his asshole. He claimed that his asshole was screwed numerous times by none other but Prince AnWar but nobody seems to believe him. Even some doctors who had a peek on his asshole did not believe that there’s a sign of any anal damaged. But of course, there are many other doctors who had examined Sai Fool’s pretty little asshole, was so fascinated by the structure of Sai Fool’s asshole and was convinced that he was brutalized by a big old banana.

It’s just too bad for Sai Fool the court jester that the timing of his accusation is too near to the competition. Everyone thought that it’s just another conspiracy to bring down Prince AnWar. As expected, nobody believe Sai Fool, and he decided to swear to God and the Holy Book in a Sacred Hall that if he lied that Prince AnWar had screwed with his asshole, God will damned him and all sort of damnation will befall him.

But, there’s flaw to his plans on getting everyone believe whatever he said, because in reality, even though one had swear to God that they are telling the truth about something, it doesn’t mean that they are truly fearing God. They still can lie even though they had swear that they will tell the truth. What if God decided not to punish the person who used his name in an ill manners to get other believe what he had said? Then of course people will think that a liar is telling the truth, right? Children, swearing on the Holy Book or in God’s name is not a good way to prove something, because nothing will change when you swear in God’s name. Only God knows whether you’re telling the truth or not, not the people.

So children,let’s play fair. Don’t drag God along in pursuit of all of your wants and needs. Don’t use God’s name at wimp. God is a very busy being you know? He have many other things to tend to, like the endless ongoing wars, the illness and plague that’s spreading in the world as well as the filthy environment that’s been polluted by idiotic monkeys who called themselves human. God have better things to do than tend to some fool who wanted the whole world to know that his asshole was screwed.

Cleffairy: I swear every damned day, only in different ways. 😛


  1. cleffairy says:

    Hmm, Goku…actually… that article is not sipposed to be ‘funny’. LOL. I’m willing to bet that Kevin and Calvin, will come and swear over here when the weekend is over. I’m not like Kevin, he got balls to write and critisize without masking his writing much, but I fear of getting jailed.


  2. ktx says:

    i was half expecting a jedi story coming up on this issue but u did a indian moghul story pulak….hehehe. in some ways i was quite spot on…u DID come up a story on this issue….lol.

  3. cleffairy says:

    Haha…indian moghul story… man…when you mentioned indian moghul, I kept thinking about nasi briyani. Ouch, hungry oredi. Ktx, actually the thing that irked me the most about this issue is that they are getting God involve in their asshole stuff. It disgusted me to no end. 🙁

  4. ktx says:

    lol…yeah, i agree. when i heard this guy saying…”memasukkan zakarnya ke dalam lubang dubur..blablabla”…i felt so disgusted, not becuase of that action but when he said it in the mosque and d way he was trying to prove to people about it via god as if he is innocent to hv been poked several times and as if it was…’oppps, i did not realize it’

  5. KevinP says:

    Aiya… Prince Saifool… banged himself with a cheap plastic test tube! He should have gone for quality… but then he blamed Prince AnWar for paying him too lowly that he cannot afford a vibrating plastic test tube…

    The news for the past few days has been getting more despicable. I wonder how much lower is King ah la la willing to stoop… maybe he is already so low he is eating them najis.

  6. Calvin says:

    hahaha….clef. I hardly swear nowadays. only on some “interesting” topics. you should be a script writer lol. but pls dont try writing childrens’ fairy tales…you’ll scare them with the sodomy on the jester …hahaha

  7. cleffairy says:

    ktx, exactly my sentiment. I watched it in the news, you know, and wonder how disgusting these things can go. Forcefully sodomized? Sorry, come again? Don’t tell me a 23 years old feller is not any stronger than a 60 year old man. Why did he not fight back if Anwar did forced him to take off his pants and throw his underwear before poking his banana in his asshole? The thing here is, I think that feller is really ghey and welcomes the rotten banana in his asshole after all. If not, why didn’t he fight back? Hmm… don’t tell me Anwar tie him up ala bondage then bang his ass?

    LOL…Kevin…Sai Fool cannot afford a dildo… now that got me laughing. The way Sai Fool described his injuries, i don’t think it’s a test tube…should be those glass coke bottle… 😛

    Calvin, as I said, I swear every damn day, because it’s a good way to release my tension. Haha…but of course, not in front of people…hmm, don’t worry…I think kids these days have scarier imaginations than me. 😀

  8. cleffairy says:

    Haha… Rose… i take it you’re not really a fan of fairy tales with happy ending? You’re right, our politics is so messed up…these days when I watched national news, it’ll get me laughing and snickering at their ridiculously plot up actions and antics. Can’t the rest of those idiots see, that everything happened just because of their thirst for power? While the rest of those people out there is busy politicking, the ones who are suffering their bimbo-tic actions are the citizens.Pray tell, when was the last time they REALLY do something for us, the citizens? 🙁

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