Superstars of Magic 4

Superstars of Magic is back with its fourth instalments of spectacular Magicians from all over the world performing in one location; Resort World Genting. My family and I had a privilege of escaping reality for a lil bit last weekend and enjoyed the magic show along with other invited media friends. It was simply magic! To say that both my husband and son is captivated by the performance is an understatement.

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This year they have 7 outstanding World Class Illusionist standing by to bedazzle you right in front of your very eyes. Jeff Lee, Ted Kim, One Guy, Jay Mattioli, Alana Moelmann, Joseph Gabriel and Mrs.Mattioli.

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to be astounded and amazed at the talents of their magical hands in one breathtaking spectacle.

The show is set to reignite the passion for magic between the general public and the magicians and help strengthen the bonds with the illusionist and their audience. The show will showcase new acts and new renowned magicians, and promises to be an exciting, action packed filled performance with spectacular and astonishing results.

Like suggested by this year’s theme, Magic of the East Meets West, the seven illusionists will demonstrate to their audience a comparative view of what magic is to different people—depending on whether they are from the East or West. 

They will also highlight how magic has evolved with technology. The audience hence can expect the show to be one breathtaking spectacle.  

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Jay Mattioli. The emcee of this show and a celebrity magician in his own right. He first made his mark as a finalist magician on America’s Got Idol (ACT), wowing America with his sense of comedy and charm. He ultimately climbed his way to the top 10 of America’s Got Talent.  

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Magically beautiful performancd by Jay Mattioli

 photo IMG_1700_zpsm8u478ct.jpg

An escape routine by Jay Mattioli

 photo IMG_1591_zpszr6gwhgu.jpg

My heart nearly stopped when I saw this

 photo IMG_1583_zpsjcggm7rh.jpg

And then there’s Germany’s Alana Moelmann, the new generation princess of magic, as she is often called. Alana’s act includes producing life human hands out of her leather jacket—and endlessly producing various items from her six hands.

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From Taiwan, there’s Jeff Lee, an award-winning celebrity magician who performs with TV magic and modern music. Jeff takes pleasure in delighting his audience by speedily taking things out of his TV.

Ted Kim, from Korea, is another show-stopper. The current FISM originality act champion holder, Ted’s act is one of a kind and infuses modern screen mapping technology and LED projector technology. He’s a breath of fresh air in the field as he incorporates the latest video games and music to his act such as Super Mario Brothers. No doubt Ted is a winner among the younger generation.

 Ted’s countryman, One Gun, is also among the hottest magicians in Korea—and beyond. He now performs his T-shirt act throughout the world.

One Gun would literally step onto the stage in a casual T-shirt and jeans, and promptly stun his audience with his clothes that on their own keep changing in colour and type— right before the audiences’ eyes. 

 photo IMG_1639_zpseky8ttrh.jpg

Joseph Gabriel’s show is regarded as the Godfather of Dove Magic, and his show headlined broadway in the past.

 photo IMG_1656_zpsysjiy0pr.jpg

His act is said to be light years ahead of the classical dove act that we are all familiar with.  

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One for the album 😉 Happy faces after watching Superstars of Magic Performance. 🙂

Together, all seven illusionists will present a show on a scale never before seen in Malaysia. Tickets are available now at the price of RM248 (VIP), RM148 (PS1) and RM98 (PS2) for adults; while the show tickets for children are priced at RM98 (VIP), RM68 (PS1) and RM48 (PS2). Grab your ticket today!  

Call +603 2718 1118 or hop over to  for more information.

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