Sweet Buka Puasa Time With Xpax

It was quite a last minute thing, but when I received invitation from Xpax to join their intimate buka puasa event with other blogger friends, I decided to say yes. No point staying home when you can have marvelous food and great companion during buka puasa time, no? šŸ˜›

The event took place at Milk&Butter in Bangsar Baru.

During the event, we were informed that Xpax is running an awesome campaign where you get to win some timepiece. You’re entitled to be in the running to win timepieces up to Rm10k every day if you reload during the period of the campaign. Fabulous, isn’t it? So if you’re a Celcom Xpax user, you might want to take advantage of this campaign and get yourselves some pretty cool watches! šŸ˜€

Upon arrivals, each guests were given a box of gift. I thought it was a watch, considering that they are running a campaign that involves timepieces.

But unfortunately for me, it was not. But my guess was close enough. We were given a small cake decorated beautifully with a watch on it. Pretty impressive in my humble opinion. As of writing my cake is still sitting in the fridge. Waiting for weekend to come to serve it during tea and share it with my family. Good things are definitely for sharing. šŸ˜€

Some familar faces during the buka puasa event. šŸ˜€ My blogger friends. šŸ˜€ Bro Framestone and his wife Iera Kan, Melastik Bintang, Pen Merah was also present. But the ever so sweet Yana Yassin must be the most alert one of all. She never failed to smile to the camera each time a candid picture was taken! šŸ˜›

Spotted some bloggers going on their full techie mode here. šŸ˜›

Lining up for the buka puasa goodies. It was buffet style and I’m happy to report that despite of the fact that there are loads of misunderstandings out there where religion and races is concerned and has been terribly politicized, everyone respected those who fast that day and let them had a go at the offerings first. šŸ˜€

We broke fast with these sweet dates

And assorted local dishes and Western dishes.

The food on my son’s plate. šŸ˜€

Us bloggers were entertained by a local artist performance. Liyana from the band Estrella. Check it out. I’ve recorded it when I was enjoying her performance. šŸ˜€

The songstress performing a song in English

Singing one of her song in Bahasa Malaysia. I liked this song more than the English one.

There was further excitements as the night draw closed. It’s time for games. The tables are cleared and we were given these. Groundnuts, a glass container and a paper-clip. The one who managed to collect the most groundnuts with the paper-clip inside the empty container in 60 seconds walks away with a brand new Toy Watch. I only managed to collect 28 groundnuts, so I lost. šŸ˜› But I’m not a sore loser. I’m happy for the winners. I may have lost the game that night, but I was also lucky in the sense that I won something else in another contest. šŸ˜€ So I guess if something is yours, it will be yours, no matter what.

There was two winners that night. A tie, actually. Two person collected the same amount of groundnuts within 60 seconds. Emily’s boyfriend was one of the winner that night. He managed to collect 74 groundnuts within 60 seconds as opposed to Emily, who only managed 4 groundnuts. LOL! They made quite a pair, don’t you think? šŸ˜€

One for the album. Happy faces.


Cleffairy: Games are for fun. Losing or winning does not matter. What mattered most is the sportsmanship. Don’t you agree on that with me? šŸ˜€


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes…very talented. I like the fact how she dressed down, very very minimal make up and perform like a dream! šŸ˜€ Love her ‘Ternyata’ song. Very nice. šŸ˜€

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