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It’s been a hellish week, and despite of being drained of energy, I feel so restless. I saw these question on Eugene’s blog, so I decided that since my brain is too tired to even think of coherent and pertinent things to say, I’ll just give it a go. This is not a tag, but if any of you want to answer this for fun, you’re free to do so.

1) What is the most nasty SMS you ever received from someone, and you ever sent to someone?

So far I’ve never received anything nasty, but I’ve sent a couple of ‘Bloody hell, pick up the fucking phone’ when I’m pissed off and my calls went unanswered.

2) What is your most favourite one liner of SMS ?

No idea.

3)What is the sexiest SMS message you ever received from someone, and you ever sent to someone?

None, I prefer to call instead of smsing.

4) Have you used SMS for breaking up or you being the victim of one such SMS?

Nope, fortunately. Even if i want to break up or divorce with someone, I would prefer to tell the bloody bastard to the face. It’s more gratifying anyway.

5)What is the most common purpose of you sending SMS?

To ask my husband to call me back when he didn’t answer my calls in the first place, or ask my little sister to come online.

6)What is the all time record of highest numbers of SMS you sent for a day?

50 sms- during festive season that is.

7)Do you mind your spouse/partner reading your SMS?

Well, he can go ahead and read it. My phone is clean. Even if I’m doing hanky panky things by smsing a male friend or anything, I won’t be stupid enough to keep the sms.

8)How long is the oldest SMS you still keep in the Inbox untill now, and why ?

My husband’s first sms to me, about 7 years ago. That sms have a sentimental value.

9)Have you ever received a SMS from a stranger, eventually became friend ?

Yes. There’s this girl from Sarawak, mistakenly sent sms to me and eventually became my friend.

10)Do you prefer sending SMS to calling?

Nope, I prefer to call, I’m too lazy to type those sms. The buttons are too small. Talking is way faster. 😛

Cleffairy: Okay, now you all know I’m kinda lazy and vulgar.


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