Tedmi Malaysia Fun Retreat: Craft Making at Wave Rest House& Cafe

When was the last time you really, really put away your gadget and spend quality time with your loved ones? You know, do things together as a couple or family? Do you do it often? Well, I’m ashamed to admit that I’m pretty much caught up with the rat race that I’m almost inseparable with my gadgets, especially my smartphone, and same goes with my husband. While smartphone has been a necessity in the modern world, it has also become an addiction that you can’t get rid off. I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes, using the smartphone is like peeking into the fridge. You know there’s not much update that could possibly happen in the cyber world within the span of 3-5 minutes, and yet, you still got to check it out.

Impossible as it is to put gadgets away while you are with your loved ones, it is still not impossible to actually disconnect to reconnect. All we need to do is, well…simply put away the gadgets and find something to really do together, something that’s totally not related to tech stuff and gadgets.

During my fun retreat with Tedmi Malaysia at Wave Rest House&Cafe, Jeram Selangor, everyone who were there were somehow forced to do just that. The planned activities practically hurled you back in the 90s where you’ll need to put away all your gadgets in order actually do it. The first planned activity that renders all gadgets useless is Craft Making.

 photo DSCN6670_zps0idk88ie.jpg

See all these hanging windchimes? They are all over the rest house. Initially I thought they are mere deco to complement the homestay’s theme but I soon discovered that they are made from seashells that’s collected from the beach nearby and it is all made by guests during their stays here in Wave Rest House&Cafe.

 photo PhotoGrid_1442086538450_zpsymgqcoi6_edit_1442086585937_zpswatja9f7.jpg

The windchimes were hung up all over the rest house to commemorate guests presence there once done. Interesting concept, don’t you think? I certainly like the idea of writing messages or love notes on the seashells and leaving it there for us to look back during our future visits. Imagine going back there again after a year or two and still finding the windchime that you made with your loved ones, with sweet notes written on it still hanging there. It’s really a romantic idea. At least, to me it is very romantic.

 photo DSCN6630_zpsrnpfmptw.jpg

Here’s Andrew Lim, the founder of Tedmi Malaysia, disconnecting to reconnect. 🙂 He briefed all of us during the craft making session on how the windchime is made.

 photo FB_IMG_1441975699075_zpstja8s2sr.jpg

Pre-collected seashells were scattered on the table for us to choose.

 photo FB_IMG_1441975680934_zpstblniqsx.jpg

Kids choosing the seashells for their windchime.

 photo FB_IMG_1441975735945_zpseawkghkf.jpg

Strewing together the seashells with a string.


Tedmi staff making their windchimes

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Happy couple Elana and her husband with their windchime.

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Here’s the winchime that I made with my husband and son. 🙂 We wrote our names and some messages on it for our future selves to read during our future visits.

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Hanging up the windchime.

 photo DSCN6677_zpsjvptgy6t.jpg

This will be there for quite some time. 😉 It was a small thing. And perhaps insignificant to many, but by the time we hung up our little masterpiece, I felt as if we have achieved something big as the three of us as during that short moment, we really did put away our gadgets and spent time with each other in every sense of the word. We talked to each other instead of texting or messaging. Well, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that we do not communicate with each other without gadgets, but this feels very different. 🙂 It’s like going back to the good old times where smartphones and stuff does not exist.
It was indeed a labor or love and a gentle reminder that while we often covet for materialistic things, simple things like this could bring so much joy and happiness.

To experience all these and get away from the superficial world for awhile, you can hop over to Wave Rest House& Cafe. Their package starts from RM139 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekdays and from RM169 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekend and public holidays, inclusive of meals and planned activities. There are 9 available rooms and the entire rest house can cater up to 30 pax. The place is about 60km away from Kuala Lumpur. You may drive there using Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw28413e6s.

Packages includes accommodation, seafood dinner, breakfast, bicycle riding to the beach, mangrove forest exploration tour, craft making and bird watching at the sea.

Details of the homestay is as below:

海•浪滔滔民宿(Wave Rest House & Cafe) 
Facebook: facebook.com/wavehomestay
Jalan Bagan Sungai Janggut, Batu 15, Jeram,
45800 Kampong Sungai Janggut,


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