Teratak Tempoyak Nda Gopeng, Perak

Are you familar with the term tempoyak? For those who are not familiar with the term, tempoyak is actually the local fermented durian paste. Tempoyak is quite common especially in Pahang and Perak and can easily be obtained from the local wet market. The Tempoyak, or rather the durian paste generally taste sour and salty with a lot of nutty durian flavour. It is not usually eaten on it’s own and is usually used in cooking traditional fish curries (Gulai Tempoyak).

It takes a skilled cook to make a great curries out of Tempoyak paste. And here’s one fabulous place where you can enjoy Gulai Tempoyak at a fraction of the price; in Gopeng, Perak.

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Keep a lookout for this sign

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Tetatak Tempoyak Nda is one of the food tourism attraction in Gopeng, Perak.

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What’s interesting about this place is that the restaurant provides full, authentic kampung dining experience where you can either choose to dine al-fresco

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Or inside the kampung house itself. Note: you’ll need to take off your shoes if you opt to dine inside the restaurant.

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The restaurant may look rather small on the outside

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But it could easily accommodate large crowd.

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Teratak Tempoyak Nda serves authentic gulai tempoyak in claypot.

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The gulai tempoyak set.

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The set usually comes with a plate of rice topped with a homely omelet and a side of ulam of the day and a spoonful of authentic sambal belacan.

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There are plenty of Gulai Tempoyak to choose from over here. Bestsellers are usually the fish variant of the curries. There’s tempoyak ikan patin, ikan keli and of course, the common ikan kembong. But if you’re to ask me, I would highly recommend the well famed Tempoyak Ikan Patin for the whole gastronomic experience.

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Not a fan of fishes? That’s fine. Just give this a go: Gulai Tempoyak Udang Galah. (RM9.90).These plump and fat fresh water prawns are naturally sweet and fresh. The tempoyak curries does nothing but enhance the taste and will have you ask for more steamed white rice to go with em.

Those who can’t do without modern delicacies, no worries. Teratak Tempoyak Nda is also offering some western food selection here.

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Burger, sausages and the good old greasy fries for those who really want some Western fare.

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And if you dropped by during tea time and wants something light instead of the heavy rice and Gulai Tempoyak, just pick this off from the menu; steamed or toasted traditional bread with butter and kaya (creamy and rich jam made from coconuts and eggs).

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Or if you want something unique and filling, try this Maggie Kerabu. the Maggie Kerabu is actually Pre-fried instant noodles, tossed in Thai fish sauce and assortments of shredded things like sourish mangoes, cabbages, celeries and topped with crushed peanuts and seafood like cuttlefish and prawns. The instant noodles is served piping hot, but it is nice to be eaten cold too. Taste-wise, it is a tad spicy with a hint of sourish Tomyam flavour, but you could request to omit the sliced bird’s eye chillies if you can’t take spicy food. This Kerabu Maggie is definitely worth your money and of course, the calories count.

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There are plenty of beverages sold here in Teratak Tempoyak Nda, but I’d recommend ‘Bittersweet‘ (RM3) for you to cleanse your palate with. It is a special, one of a kind drink concocted from lemongrass, apple, mint leaves and asamboi.

Overall, the dining experience here in Teratak Tempoyak Nda is wonderful. It can be likened to the ‘balik kampung’ feeling where the staff treats you like their own family and ensure not only that you have the best food but the full Malaysian hospitality experience while you are there.

If you are ever in Gopeng Perak, do drop by:


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Teratak Tempoyak Nda
No 12, Kampung Pulai a/c,
31600 Gopeng
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

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