My Love Affair with De Xandra Perfume

Who says you should only smell sweet when you are out and about?  Alot of people, especially ladies likes to use perfume when they are out and about. But I’m different.

I like smelling sweet while I’m sleeping much more than I like to smell sweet when I’m out and about. Fragrances makes sleeping much more pleasant, relaxing and pleasurable. There’s plenty of air freshener and aroma theraphy oil in the bedroom, but even that does not seems to be enough for me. As of late,  I’m quite taken to wearing perfume while I’m sleeping.

So here’s wearing these, and only these to sleep 😉

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De Xandra perfume from Chettaki Omey and my Chinese Valentine’s gift from my husband, the porcelain bracelet bought from Melaka during our lantern festival night rendezvous last month.

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This De Xandra perfume is actually generic EDT perfume. Mine is inspired from Gucci Flora. The perfume is characterized by fresh notes of agrums in the opening, combined with beautiful peony. A heart introduces balanced aromas of rose and osmanthus, while a base is created of patchouli and sandalwood. Truly sensual, this perfume makes me feel like a sweet, sophisticated and sexy princess.

You know what’s the best part about wearing this perfume apart from making me feel good about myself? Well, my husband loves it on me too and couldn’t help but stealing kisses from me and inhale my scent as I lay in bed asleep. Seriously speaking, he is much more amorous to me when I sprayed this perfume on rather than not. Phenomenon factor, I guess? But whatever it is that makes the magic works between us these days whether the perfume contributes to the loving behaviour or not…I absolutely love it, especially after 13 years being together as husband and wife. One would have thought passion would waxed and wane but things goes differently for us. 🙂

I usually spray on this perfume just before going to bed and the scent would still be there after I woke up 10 hours later. I noticed that this perfume is pretty much long lasting. The scent can last up to 12 hours and not easily washed off. I usually take a shower after waking up and the scent still linger. Amazing, isn’t it? For a generic perfume, this is definitely high of quality.

De Xandra line of perfume are all Halal and it is prayer friendly. So I guess this perfume is a good option for Muslim brothers and sisters out there as you could still use it while performing your prayers.

Although I use this perfume mostly to sleep as it helps me sleep soundly and helps me relax, this perfume is designed for those who are always on the go and is travel friendly. The 35ml cylinder shaped bottle can easily fit in handbags or backpacks and is a great item to have while you are on the go to keep yourselves fresh throughout the day.

Interested in having De Xandra perfume to keep yourselves fresh throughout the day? Check out the details below. Don’t be shy. I assure you the perfume doesn’t cost a bomb at all. In fact, it is much more affordable than your regular designer’s brand.

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