Thai Food Galore

Do you love Thai food? I love Thai food to bits, especially if they’re not from those fancy looking restaurants that claimed to cook authentic Thai dishes and yet when it’s served, it taste like something that came out from hell.

The Thai Fair near my house is back, and as usual I went to  eat their signature dishes like these:

Yummylicious tomyam noodles. This is my personal favourite. The Tomyam soup was perfectly done, unlike the one that I had in Little Pantry during father’s day celebration with my father- in- law last month. This Tomyam soup is really something to die for. It’s spicy, sourish and has the sweetness of seafood in it.

Then there’s sweet ripe mangoes served with glutinous rice and coconut milk. My husband loves this one very much.

We did not order much things as we were still full from lunch, but we couldn’t resist ordering ABC. (Shaved ice with condensed milk, syrups and various jellies as well as nuts)

I adore these food and I daresay that this won’t be my last visit as long as the Thai Fair is still there.


Cleffairy: At least in Thai Fairs they don’t dress up like Lolitas to serve the customers.


  1. claire says:

    the ice kacang looks very plainly dressed up? or is it my eyes? hehehe… maybe chinese ice kacang are more like lolitas…. i love to take tom yum too..especially with meehoon…

    • free indian dating sites without payment says:

      *shocked* I memang makan alot wan worr… u tak percaya can ask my big kakak…I’m dubbed major DBKL wan leh…

      Not pregnant lah… last time when I was pregnant… it was horrible… i couldn’t even eat during the first trimester. Whatever goes in, I throw up… practically had to force myself to eat.

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