Nasi Lemak 2.0

Recognize this dude? Well he’s the well known Namewee. He sure cooked up a lot of controversies back then with his ‘Negarakuku’, ‘Orang Hitam’ songs and whatnot. I was invited for his Nasi Lemak 2.0 the movie press conference, and finally get to meet Mr. Namewee and the gang in person. Stay tune for more on Nasi Lemak 2.0 on Over A Cuppa Tea.


Cleffairy: People who are different are always misunderstood. And I make it a point to understand and support their visions instead of merely stereotyping.


    • sf speed dating says:

      The movie was pretty enlightening, though…I like the fact how various local artists came up and supported his Nasi Lemak 2.0 project without asking for any payments. 😀

      His father ah? I dunno… as far as I know, his family is very supportive of him.

  1. AngeLBeaR says:

    waa..u get to see Namewee! lucky of you! Personally, I am not his fan, but I do salute him for his courage, though some ppl thought it was stupid the way he sing and talk but at least he willing to speak up and be himself (except for some issues though).

    • sf speed dating says:

      Yup… a hero in some ways, but to some, he’s a public enemy. Depends on how u look at his work. To me… all of his artwork should be viewed with an open mind.

      ps: >.< I dun write vulgar novels, but it is hamsup...thank God my mum and dad tarak read them. LOL! And my husband dun read my work... else I dunno ah... see the wife so.... ahemmm!

    • sf speed dating says:

      Why not? I mean, if he’s not given a chance to produce a movie just because of those controversies back then, isn’t that purely stereotyping?

      He produced vulgar music, true, but sometimes, as a novelist, I feel for him, because not many knew that he also produce non-vulgar music that have even been used by the tourism ministry. Alot of people concentrate on his ‘bad’ music and overlook the good ones.

      I am an author, I write sexually explicit stories that sometimes home ministry reprimand me and refuse to release my books… in many ways, I am no different than Namewee… regardless or not I produce vulgar music or not. So… I write sexually explicit stories and sexually explicit articles at times and publish them even… does that constitute me being a bitch and my parents should hide themselves in shame for what I have done?

      Alot of people call him a rude bastard and pity his parents for his lack of manner..but why must you pity his family for his rudeness in songs when his family supported what he’s doing? I’ve had the privilege to talk to him, and he treated me even better than some of my friends who sometimes are not sensitive towards my feelings. He’s none of those things he portrayed in his songs. In fact, in some ways, he is better than others who dare not voice out their opinion and do something constructive about it but merely bark around in their facebook and twitter accounts!

  2. crystal says:

    NAsi Lemak 2.0 nice and funny movie…
    if you pay attention at malaysia issue and you know chinese, then you can get the meaning behind…

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