The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Now, let me be frank with you. I’m never a Batman fan. That feller is way too broody for my taste.I’ve always felt that Bruce Wayne is in serious need of a pshychiatrist and he could use some fresh air and more sun.

Ever since I was a child, I fancy the mild mannered Clark Kent more. (Read: I have red undies fetish. LOL) I’ve always been a Lois Lane material and is a huge fan of Superman, but I got to say, The Dark Knight Rises surpass my expectation. One would have thought that this particular movie will put me off to sleep within 15 minutes like it’s predecessor, but it did not. In fact, it kept me awake.

The Dark Knight Rises is is quite slow in the beginning but the pace picked up after the first quarter of the movie. There’s plenty of characters involved in the story, so it might be quite confusing for those who is not familiar with Batman. I feel that the scriptwriter did quite a bad job in the character development department.Those old fashion Batman starred by Val Kilmer and George Clooney was much more interesting, in my humble opinion. Even the villians in those old fashion Batman movies are catchy and entertaining despite the fact that they’re supposed to be the bad guys.

The characters in The Dark Knight Rises could have been given more room to show their personalities, but I suppose they made up with the superb action scenes in the movie. The action kept me entertained, thank God for that.

There’s plenty of jokes inserted as a filler and plenty of unexpected twist and turns in The Dark Knight Rises, so if you’re into all that, this movie is quite worth to watch.

So… did I like the movie? I can’t really say I like it. (Cuz I’m Superman’s fangirl…and Ironman, and Thor… LOL!) But I suppose it’s an okay watch if you like an action packed movie.

I would rate this movie a 3 out of 5 stars. I was given an opportunity to watch The Dark Knight Rises premier, courtesy of P1 Wimax and Denaihati Network, and I’m not compensated in monetary way for writing this review.



  1. Daddy says:

    Hahahaha…I grew up with Clark Kent but I have to admit that Batman’s costume is super cool and I especially loves his Bat Mobile…

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