Giving Up Smoking in a Smoke-Filled World

The world is full of smoke drifting through the air, and that can make it difficult to buck the trend and quit. But with electronic cigarettes, patches, gum, and a whole host of other methods out there, you are not alone in your fight. Not all of these ways can help somebody quit smoking, but it’s guaranteed that one will. Find your saviour and you can join a world of healthy living!


Electronic cigarettes are the latest way to stop smoking. They look similar to cigarettes, they feel like cigarettes, and they smoke like cigarettes. The only difference is that the ‘tobacco’ is actually just water vapour. This makes it completely safe to inhale whilst not bothering anybody else around you. The great news is that in most States you can smoke these things anywhere without breaking the law, however keep an eye on the news as some States are now looking to ban these.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches have had varying levels of success over the years. Some people believe that they are just a load of codswallop, whereas others swear by them, and attribute their new healthy lifestyle to these patches. This shows that they are obviously, very hit and miss, and really do depend on the individual who uses them. Basically, they shoot small doses of nicotine into the system to help alleviate the cravings. But don’t worry as that’s not dangerous as nicotine is merely the substance that causes an addiction to smoking in the first place.

These can be obtained from a local pharmacy, but it’s wise to visit a doctor to see if this is really the best option for you.


Gum has had quite a lot of success in helping smokers quit their dirty habit. It’s exactly the same as normal gum, except small doses of nicotine are put into every little piece. This allows people to feel that familiar taste of nicotine in their mouth and can prevent fidgeting. That’s something that many people suffer with when quitting smoking. They are so used to having a cigarette in their hand and mouth, that if it isn’t there they start getting edgy and fidgety. Eventually this becomes such a distraction that it starts to have a negative effect on their lives. And, that’s when they start believing that starting smoking again would be a good idea.

Cold Turkey

This is a dangerous method as it requires an incredible amount of willpower. Going cold turkey is simple eliminating smoking completely whilst not using any nicotine aids. If you have the willpower then this can be a fantastic way of quitting, as well as being the fastest. However, the problem is that if it doesn’t work then you’re just going to go back to smoking once again.


Hypnosis has had proven success in a number of addictions and character traits. Subjects have to be susceptible to the process for it to help someone give up smoking but when it works, it has been extremely successful with long-lasting results.

To decide on the right method for you it’s advisable to visit your physician first. Electronic cigarettes are one of the ways but better go for there suggestions. They will be able to provide some additional guidance that can help in choosing the right method.

About the author: Samuel White is a life coach who tours the States presenting to audiences and in one-on-one sessions, methods of taking personal control with emphasis on addictions and weight loss.

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