My Dangerous Encounters with Dr. Brady Barr

Do you know who is Dr. Brady Barr? I’m sure this name is quite familiar to all of you out there if you’re a huge fan of documentary channels, mainly National Geographic. My son is a big fan of his show, Dangerous Encounters.

Dangerous Encounters is shown on Nat Geo Wild (Astro Channel 553) and is all about Dr. Brady Barr’s adventure… or rather misadventure in the wild. It’s really an educational show, really, and if you’re one of those mum who is concerned about your kids not learning anything when they watch TV, you ought to switch to this channel and let the kids watch Nat Geo, cuz it’s not only educational, but entertaining as well.

The Most Dangerous Encounters& dangerous Encounters Season 7 will be premiering on National Geographic (Astro Channel 553) and Nat Geo Wild (Astro Channel 550) on this coming 27th June at 8 pm, GMT+8, so be sure to catch it, ladies and gentlemen. It will be one of the most exciting season yet, I can vouch for it as I’ve been to the premier of it in Zoo Negara, with none other than Dr. Brady Barr himself.

Dr. Brady Barr is a reptile expert, and he made it his mission to study and protect some of the world’s most dangerous and endangered animals. Particularly crocodile and alligators. Dr. Brady Barr has journeyed to five continents and over 70 countries to study these animals, and thanks to his effort, we can now see all of those dangerous animals straight from our living room through his show.



Dr. Brady Barr was in Zoo Negara on 20th June 2012 for the Nat Geo Wild Press conference on his ‘Dangerous Encounters’ show.

It was a pretty exciting event, as there were plenty of activities hosted by the organizer that day during the press conference, including a little ‘dangerous encounters’ with the slimy snakes as well as the vicious crocodiles.

Just take a look at this. Dr. Brady Barr and his slimy little friend.

My gosh! I could never do this, even if you put me at a gun point. During the event, members of the media as well as school children were given a hands on experience with the wild creature.

But snake is one of the thing that I fear most…not just because it’s dangerous and poisonous, but because they are slimy! I’ve always been squeamish towards these creature. I’ll never go near to anything that slithers. They are not just my thing.Snakes, in my humble opinion is something really evil, and really dangerous.

But according to Dr. Brady Barr in his press conference in Zoo Negara the other day, snakes are one of the peaceful creatures in the world. Snakes will avoid you, and will not attack you unless you harm them in the first place. During the press conference, we were told that snakes should only be handled when there is a need to do so, which is when they are sick, or for educational purpose. We were also given tips on how to avoid snake bites. We were told that if we see a snake, just back away, as snakes will not chase you as they are not dangerous in nature. The only time we will be bitten is when they feel threatened, or when you accidentally step on them. Yes, the snakes bites human because they retaliate towards our action. We were also told to keep our home clutter-free and avoid things that will attract rodents, which is obviously food to snakes.

Here’s a little tidbit for you folks out there, an interview with Dr. Brady Barr with FlyFM.

Here’s sharing with you some tips given by Dr. Brady Barr on avoiding snakes and crocs.

Brady’s Tips to Avoid Snake Attacks:

  •  Never ever attempt to pick-up a snake. It takes an expert to determine whether it is venomous or not.
  • If you see a snake, just back away. Snakes will not chase you as they are not aggressive.
  • The only time you’ll be bitten is if you step on the snake or try to pick it up.
  • Keep your yard and home free from trash and clutter, avoid things that will attract rodents and then subsequently attract snakes.

 Brady’s Tips to Avoid Crocodile Attacks:

  • Do not go fishing while wading in water and never attach caught fish to your body.
  • Do not let your kids or pets play around water’s edge. And avoid any activities along water’s edge, especially at dusk.
  • Never approach a crocodile. If you see it, maintain your distance and back away slowly.
  • Never feed crocodiles! This is very dangerous because they become conditioned to associate people with food.


Apart from getting up-close and personal with the snakes and crocs, the members of the media and bloggers alike were given a mini survival kit bag. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


I also won something from the lucky draw session. It must be my lucky day and the snakes and the crocs must have been smiling on me, cuz it’s the first time ever I’ve won a lucky draw! LOL!

Anyway, don’t forget to catch the 2 hour simulcast of “The Most Dangerous Encounters & Dangerous Encounters (Season 7) on National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild on this coming 27th June 2012.

Cleffairy: Note:: Live blogged through my mobile phone . Some pics and vid is courtesy of Astro and FlyFm respectively.



  1. small Kucing says:

    paiseh…my Astro is being monopoly by my son. Keep watching 610 to 615 only. Hmmm must really tune in to this Dr Brady show. SOund intyeresting

    • Cleffairy says:

      I die die wanna go oso, so excited a day before that… cuz I’m a big fan of Brady Barr… but horr, once go… i got really scared of the snakes. Haizzz… I’m one big chicken! LOL!

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