Tian Ma Bird Nest, SkyAvenue Resorts World Genting

I had the opportunity to visit a rather interesting F&B outlet in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting not so long ago. If you briefly read this restaurant’s signboard in Chinese, the reataurant is simply known as ‘Tian Ma’. The Chinese characters for ‘Tian Ma’ literally translate to ‘The Sky Horse’ or ‘The Heavenly Horse’. While this particular outlet is named after either a ‘Sky Horse’ or ‘Heavenly Horse (not really sure which one cuz I’m not really proficient in the language)’, it doesn’t exactly sell any horse’s meat or anything related to horses. Far from it, in fact. It actually sells bird’s nest tonic/soup.

Bird’s nest tonic is known as the elixir of youth by the ancient Chinese. Consumed among the rich and royalties, it is said to be able to preserve one’s beauty and helps to balance the ying and yang in the body. Fast forward to a few thousand years later, people are still consuming the miraculous tonic as the consumption of edible bird’s nest has been scientifically proven to have several health benefits such as stimulating the regeneration of cells, strengthening our immune and respitory system, as well as improving the performance of our internal organs. One of bird’s nest most sought after beauty benefits is it’s ability to rejuvenate cells while promoting smooth and radiant skin in the long run.

Here’s some assorted nourishing bird nest’s soup from Tian Ma Bird Nest SkyAvenue that I managed to try:

Bird’s Nest with Pear (RM29.70). This bird’s nest tonic is simply refreshing. It was served warm and has a slightly bittersweet aftertaste from the poached pear.

Bird’s Nest with Ginseng Tea (RM23.90) was my favourite. There’s a generous portion of bird’s nest in it, accompanied by goji berries and ginseng slices. Slightly sweet on the palate, this tonic is surely pleasant to drink. It left no lingering aftertaste whatsoever, and I think even young children would be able to enjoy this

Signature Double Boiled Bird’s Nest(RM93.30). This tonic is a the outlet’s signature and came highly recommended. Generously brewed with Chinese dates and goji berries, this tonic taste rather thick and rich. It’s without a doubt, sensationally nourishing. It was served with a side of sugar syrup. You may choose not to sweeten the tonic if you want to forgo sugar in your diet, but the syrup does wonder to the tonic’s taste.

Me, being pampered by my husband with bird’s nest soup. Having the luxury of enjoying bird’s nest soup like this makes me feel like I’m an Ancient Chinese Empress reborn in the modern world, I must say. I certainly would want a repeated experience.

If you love all things luxuriously nutritious, you’ll definitely love this outlet. Tian Ma Bird Nest offers bird’s nest soup that’s made from high quality bird’s nests at a fraction of the price. Tian Ma Bird Nest not only will help you boost your beauty from the inside, but will keep your purse pretty as well.

Tian Ma Bird Nest is located at Level 4, T2C-05B SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting.

For more info, please hop over to www.rwgenting.com.

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