Treating Sunburns and Rashes with Sabun Ajaib

Scuba diving is a very honest and non- glamorous sport. Once you’re underwater, your looks does not matter. Even if you’ve put on some makeup prior to diving, it’ll simply be washed away. What matters most about diving is not you, or how you look like, but your surroundings; the beauty of the marine life and it’s wondrous ecosystem.

If I were to describe how diving is like to non divers out there; it’s like stepping into another world that’s both beautiful and mysterious at the same time. To me, diving is life. Everything else is just surface interval. But I’m a terribly vain person. As much as I love diving, this recreational sport have a drawback. It gives me frazzled hair, painful sunburns and nasty rashes. Now, why didn’t I use sunblocks to prevent such things from happening? Well, I don’t use sunscreens/sunblocks lotions because most of the sunblocks commonly sold are not reef friendly and they are harmful towards corals and the marine lives.

Irritating skin due to sunburns and rashes as well as frazzle hair is really annoying. But luckily for me, there’s this; Sabun Ajaib.

Sabun Ajaib is a handmade soap made from 100% natural ingredients- mainly bamboo vinegar and is great for relieving skin irritation due to itchiness. It’s highly recommended for those with ekzema or skin proriasis.

I was skeptical at first when my friend introduced me to this soap, but I’ve been using this Sabun Ajaib religiously and it works wonders on me. It actually have cooling effect and soothes sunburns instantly upon usage. My skin actually felt much more moisturizer after frequent usage. And the best part? It works wonders on my hair too where it helps to reduce frazzles and actually soften my hair like expensive shampoo would. Needless to say, I’m never going for a diving trip without taking Sabun Ajaib along with me. It’s definitely a saviour. Yups, I highly recommend this, especially for divers.

If you have sensitive skin, ekzema, or suffer from skin irritations, you might want to try this soap. It’s been helpful for me and my family. Who knows it might work wonder on you too. 😀

For more information on Sabun Ajaib, hop over to the link below:

To make a purchase, visit the online shop on Lazada or Shopee

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