Title: Unscripted

Publisher: Carina Press

Pub Date: November 28, 2011

ISBN: 9781426892691

Author: Aaron, Natalie; Schwartz, Marla

This book gave me a good laugh. A wonderful read when you are feeling down or when you’re feeling that the world is against you. Very lighthearted read and would definitely tickles you funny bones. I do take pity on the heroine, though. She was placed in akward predicament many times, but thank God everything worked out well for her…most of the times. I suppose this book teaches me to take everything with a pinch of salt, and everything will be okay…most of the times.

Everyone who loves a good comedy romance should read this book. It’s positively funny and heartwarming.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I received an ARC of this book from Carina Press.

Book description:

As a producer on a reality dating show, Abby Edwards knows that true love is a myth. Her career and her friends are all she needs. Right?

When her screenwriter ex makes a hit movie based on their relationship, Abby’s faults are projected on screens across the country. Suddenly the fact that her job depends on orchestrating hot tub hook-ups doesn’t seem so impressive.

Her friends rally to help. Zoë thinks she needs to meet a guy. Stephanie suggests an attitude adjustment. Nancy wants her to get in touch with her inner Goddess. Abby knows they mean well, but she prefers to focus on her work. Unfortunately, she’s already embarrassed herself in front of her new boss, Will Harper, who she would find totally crush-worthy if he weren’t so irritating.

Abby’s about to be reminded that life doesn’t follow a script-and good things happen when you least expect it…

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