VVIP for A Day

Have you ever wondered how it’s like to live like a VVIP? Well, every now and then I fantasized being treated as one. And a few days ago, my fantasy came true.


I was invited to attend the launching of Uber. One of the coolest apps for luxury car service around. Unlike most taxi apps, Uber is different in a sense that it is providing service to high end clients and cars that were used is more on the expensive end. They have Camry, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, you name it. Using their service would mean that you get to travel in style, and cashless at that. 🙂

Being invited means I get to try their service for free, and I was fetch to and fro the event with luxurious cars. The experience is something I wouldn’t forget.

I woke up late that day and when I used the apps to book a driver, the driver arrived earlier than E.T.A. My first driver was courteous to boot and eager to impress. He waited on me and held the door for me as I stepped in. And during the ride, I was served complimentary drinks. Journey back was no different, and I enjoyed having a personal driver to chauffer me around that day.


Some of the bloggers invited that day.

Their service was absolutely wonderful, and if should you want to travel in style, you should check em out HERE

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