Water World @ i-City review

Quite some time ago, I was invited to check out iCity Water World. It’s been quite some time ago… during the Awal Muharram public holiday, if I’m not mistaken. I know, I know…that was ages ago, but hey, what can a woman do? She’s just not in the mood to do any write ups these days. She’s practically dead and uninspired, but yours truly will spare you the emotional craps and drama today, all right?

It was quite a wet and dull morning, but the crowd was kinda excited for the opening. People were lining up at the ticketing counter as early as 9am.

They have plenty to offer, but then again, I’ll be completely honest with you. The place is not quite ready for the public yet. The water was filthy and they were actually still cleaning up some mud when we went there to ‘enjoy’ the place.

Personally, I’d opt for Sunway Lagoon any day. One of the main attraction is of it is the surf beach.

The ‘Tornado’. It’s supposed to be South East Asia’s first Tornado that oscillates 7-storeys down. So… did I try this? No. I didn’t. Because I was quite a chicken.

The slides and the jacuzzi….umm, will you just look at the water? Not very appealing, isn’t it?

And the river adventure… was quite disgusting to say the least when I went there. The ‘river’ was all muddy and was still under construction.

While I enjoyed my time there with my family, I must say that I’m quite concerned with the whole place. It was not quite ready for public yet. The tiles in the pools fell off easily and I must say, it spooked me to think that someone will injure themselves because of it. Some part of the place was still under construction and hell, if I were the one who owns the place, I wouldn’t jeopardize the safety of the public just so that I could earn extra money.

I’m not sure how the place is like now, as when I went there, even wires are still hanging around and the public toilet is quite a dump, but if you’d like to check it out, which I wouldn’t exactly recommend and would definitely tell you to go for a much more reputable water park around, here’s the ticket price; do note that they charged differently on weekends and weekdays;

Weekday Adults: RM30, Weekday Children: RM20

Weekend Adults: RM35, Weekday Children: RM30

The park is open from open from 10.00am-7.00pm on weekdays and 9.00am – 7.00pm on weekends. Please note that the locker rental fees is quite pricey. They charged Rm15 for a small locker rental, so I suggest you don’t bring so many things during your day out over there.


I wouldn’t wanna go to this place again anytime soon as they’re not quite ready for the public’s enjoyment and it’s quite a turn off to bathe in muddy water, but if you do drop by this place, do let me know how it is like now.


Cleffairy: If only they were really ready for opening when I went there. It would have been much enjoyable.




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