Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Preview 2012

So, okay, I was given the opportunity to go to the preview of Big Bad Wold Book Sale this year, thanks to my friend LittleMermy who shared her preview pass with me.

Millions of books, as usual. Vast of area to cover.

Unfortunately for me, though, I did not have much appetite for em books this year.

Saw familiar books in YA and Fiction area…mostly repeated titles from last year, and I’ve read and reviewed most of them before. I supposed that’s what you get when you already get to read the books before it’s published, huh? Whenever you step into any book store or book fair, you don’t feel the spark anymore. 🙁 I guess too much of a good thing is not very good. 🙁

Anyway, I feel that I got to mention this. While the BBW crew stacked up the books in genre, they did not organized it under the same author, and therefore, I find the books are rather difficult to find. You can actually see the same author’s books here and there, and that was not quite a pleasing experience for me. Last year was much better, in terms of books organization.I was kinda disappointed with the children section this year. Children section definitely was more interesting last year. Wonder if next restock will be more exciting? To me, the only thing special this year is that they have Malay books section.

Anyway, despite the lack of usual thrill and excitement, I still managed to grab 4 books for myself- two trashy reads and two mystery. And additional 1 toy book for my boy; total spending over there was more or less Rm50 this year.

So… is the sale worth going? Well, at the end of the day, I suppose, I can just say it’s just an okay sale to go to. Not quite worth all the walk, but don’t let my opinion stop you. Go ahead and check them out, and perhaps, they have the books that you fancy. 😀

Cleffairy: Too much good things, is no good.




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    Yes… 4 only…but if include anak punya, 5 books. Total spending less than RM50 summore. This year not so appealing la. Abit hard to find books cuz din arrange according to author’s name. 🙁 scattered around, so make me no mood to find.

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