What da F???

I found this article in The Star, and this annoy me as much as Anwar’s sodomy case. I call this one, absolute nuisance! I feel that the girl could do better to avoid getting raped.

Schoolgirl raped after slap threat

KUALA TERENGGANU: A teenager threatened to slap a 14-year-old schoolgirl before raping her at the staircase of a shopping complex in Chukai near here on Sunday.

The girl reported to police that she followed her friend to the shopping complex at 2.15pm and when they were at an isolated spot in the complex, her friend demanded sex and threatened to slap her if she refused.

State CID chief Asst Comm Mohd Fauzi Abduri said the girl claimed she had initially refused to give in to her friend’s demand but was afraid that he would assault her and relented.

He added the girl lodged a police report at the Chukai police station at 3.25pm.


Wah… the girl so clever, huh. She’s afraid of slap threat but was not afraid of having sex with a teenage boy. Hello, girl… it’s just a slap. It’s not that you’re held at gunpoint or there’s a whole gang of perverts waiting to rape you over there. I did not think a slap can actually kill. Why the hell she did not put up a fight? The article mentioned that she ‘initially refused’. What does that supposed to mean?

I think this is what probably happened:

Scene: At a staircase, Time: 2.15 pm ( HOI,It’s bright daylight! Why didn’t you attemp a scream or kick him in the crotch, idiot! And why the hell you follow the bastard to a secluded place? Were you looking for trouble?)

The guy: We’re alone here, let’s have sex.

The girl: No, no, I dowanna… people will see…don’t…I’m ashame

The guy: There’s no people here, faster take off your clothes!

The girl: No, no, I don’t want to.


The girl:No, don’t we can’t what if people see?

The guy: There’s no people here, take it off or I’ll slap you! Let me have sex with you.

The girl: Please, don’t…this is my first time gentle with me. ( and she did ask she was told anyway without putting up a fight)

Now here’s the Bahasa Malaysia version of what might had happened. (pardon the language tho, I’m no expert in the dialect, Utara dialect, yes, but not Terengganu/Kelantan dialect)

The guy: Eh, takdok oreng kat sini…kita romen nak?

The girl: Tok se…tok se, aku tokmo,nanti oreng nampok,malu nanti!

The guy: Takdok oreng kat sini lah…cepat londeh bajumu! Aku nak romen mu!

The girl: Tok se, tok mo!


The girl: Tok leh, nanti oreng nampok macam mano!

The guy: Tak dok oreng kat sini, cepat, aku nak romen dengan mu! Cepat, aku tampar mu nanti!

The girl: Jange, jange…aku dara lagi…lembut sikit… ( okay people, this is where you use your imagination, I’m almost sick with my own imagination writing this up).

If you asked me, the girl probably want to have sex anyway, that is why she did not put up a good fight to protect her chastity. And she probably cried rape soon after because she’s afraid being found out orafraid  of getting pregnant or something.

Cleffairy: I think I’ll make alot of money if I sell pepperspray in these rural areas.


  1. KevinP says:

    Sigh.. I dont read star nor NST these days but these sort of “rape” stories oft told.. many were willing partners.. until something turns sour…

  2. cleffairy says:

    Seriously, I agree with Kevin on this… most are willing partner until things run out of sugar. Unless the girl is totally unwilling, she would have at least put up a good fight. heck, if someone were to raped me, I would have at least put up a hell of a fight not just ‘initially refused’ and relented soon after a few threats. If you were to get molest and probably get hurt in the process, why the hell not give the assaulter a good fight and a hell of a time? You’re gonna get hurt anyway, whether you fight or not. Better get hurt fighting off to protect your dignity than not doing anything. It’s not that you getting robbed or something. If someone is robbing you and is holding a knife, that’s a different case- they just want money, might as well give them.

    LOL, warrior… don’t worry…I’ll douse you wif ice if you get out of control- or I’ll suggest some porn site for you, den u can settle it urself. LMAO.

  3. pamina says:

    i dont know whether the gals wants to have sex and then cry rape. but i think this is not something we can trivialize. i should say this, but you dont want to be in a situation in which you are abt to be raped. say what you want now, but when someone bends over u is much bigger and stronger there’s nothing much you can do.

    just dont be in that situation.

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